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These are my favourite new releases I bought
between 18-12-2003 and 31-12-2004.
The following 20 records are also worthwile to mention and to buy, but only just failed to enter my Fave Fifty. For me they're all at #51 in my list of fave new releases from 2004.
v/a <Gettiní soulful> Vampisoul / v/a <More to enjoy vol2> / Runnin' Wild <Dig that nylon> / v/a <DJ Deeno presents action passing> / v/a <Beat casino> (2 volumes) / Hayseed Dixie <A hillbilly tribute to ACDC> / Wolfman Jack & The Wolfpack <Wolfman Jack> / OST <La linea Ė la musica> / v/a <Back to mine - death in Vegas>  v/a <Allnighter vol 4> / The V.I.P.'s <Early Spooky Tooth> / Holly Golightly <Walk a mile/Donít mess around with love> / The Buff Medways <Merry Christmas Fritz/Stille nacht> / The 50ís High Teens <Red rose white rose/Letís go jan jan> / Holly Golightly & The Greenhornes <Little stars/I donít hear you> / v/a <Sitar beat vol 2> / Mastica <Treize cigarettes> / OST <Timm Thaler> v/a <Where the girls are Vol 6>

50. v/a <Northwest grease EP> Munster
49. v/a <Juddy in the sky with Nazis> Reep
48. Doktor Zoil <Riviera boogie> Cinedelic
47. Los Shakers <Rompan todo> Electro Harmonix
46. v/a <Modern sounds from Italy> Schema
45. The Lost Movements <Drag me up> Lonestar
44. v/a <Letís boogaloo> Record Kicks
43. Herschell Gordon Lewis & The Amazing Pink Holes <The southís gonna rise again/Moonshine mountain>
42. The Buff Medways <Just 15/The doo rek>
41. Horror Pops <Miss Take> Hellcat
40. v/a <Itís a go go world> Psychodelic
39. v/a <Wheedleís grooves> Light In The Attic
38. The Merced Blue Notes <Get yourkicks on Route99> Ace
37. v/a <Jump and shout> Stomp
36. v/a <Whip! Wobble! And Grind!> Club Harlem
35. v/a <Searching in the wilderness> Muziek Express
34. New Juggler Sound <Trouble childs> Electro Harmonix
33. v/a <Bollywood queen>
32. The Stags <One track mind/Sour grapes>
31. v/a <Blunderbuss> One Shot
30. The 5678ís <Bomb the rocks> Sweet Nothing
29. v/a <Freakbeat from down under EP>
28. The Maharajas <Unrelated statements> Low Impact
27. v/a <Soundsational> (3 volumes) Earful
26. v/a <Gentlemen de Paris> Anthology
25. Los Young Beats <The exciting sound ofÖ> Break-a-way
24. v/a <High school rumble> (2 volumes) Highschoolrumble
23. The Stags <The Wilsons/36-24-37>
22. v/a <Itís happening> (6 volumes) Cheers
21. The Evil Thingies/Shutdown66 <Gotta get a grip EP>
20. The Cramps <How to make a monster> Vengeance
19. I Marc 4 <I solisti di Armando Trovajoli> Plastic
18. v/a <Total freakout vol 3> Mucho Gusto
17. v/a <Cheesy girls> Cosmogol
16. v/a <Schwabing affairs> Diggler
15. Fifty Foot Combo <Ghent-BXL> Drunkabilly
14. The Stags <Husky!/Bobby rapoose + Choc ice>
13. Los Holyís <SueŮo sicodelico> Electro Harmonix
12. Los Gatos Salvajes <Los gatos salvajes> Electro Harmonix
11.  Los Yaki <El sonido mas agresivo de los yaki> Electro Harmonix
10. Los Walkers <Walking up> Electro Harmonix
9. v/a <Cambodian rocks vol 3>
8. v/a <Forth Worth teen scene> (3 volumes) Norton
7. v/a <Thai beat a-go-go> (2 volumes) Subliminal
6. The Staggers <Wild teens/The Jaguar + Do the ripper>
5. v/a <Le beat bespoke> Sanctuary
4. v/a <The midnite sound of the milky way> Big Beat

3. v/a <International vicious society vol 3> University Of Vice
2. The Hara-Kee-Rees <Explode!> Sounds Of Subterrania

1. The Stoneage Hearts <Guilty as sin> Off The Hip

If you would like to see more contemporary entries in my Top 50 of 2006, please send your 45s, LP's or (damn it) CD's to me at
Dirk Roeyen
c/o Ungawa!
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and be sure that your quality releases will get airplay.