Top 50 new releases found in 2003     HOME

These are my favourite new releases I bought
between 18-12-2002 and 18-12-2003. But first I'd like to present you another 25 artists and comps;
they could have been at the 51st place.

<sam paglia> <killer cha cha cha> / <speedball jr> <whiplash> / <v/a> <inside deep note> / <the soul destroyers> <five track extended play> /  <v/a> <only in america vol 2> / <v/a> <ooh ooh ahh - moments of music> / <the band from planet x> <wigs for sale> / <the resistoleros> <rock 'n' roll napalm> / <v/a> <glass onion> / <v/a> <savage sounds from south africa> / <senor coconut> <fiesta songs> / <king khan & his shrines> <smash hits> / <v/a> <montparnasse 2000 classics> / <v/a> <latino cool> / <v/a> <funk soul sisters> / <-> <flexisex> / <v/a> <don't turn me off> / <v/a> <the leopard lounge>  <curlee wurlee> <le phénomène vert ep> / <charles bradley & sugarman> <take it as it comes/ ...pt2> /  <lee fields & the dapkings> <give me a chance/ ..pt2> / <the come-ons> <je t'aime moi non plus/sous le soleil exactement> /  <desechables> <la oracion/1 + el peor dios> / <v/a> buttshakers vol 3 / <v/a> ouh la la vol 3

50. Louie Ramirez: Ali Baba LP
49. The Buff Medways: 1914  LP
48. Wanda Jackson: Heart trouble  LP/CD
47. Hayseed Dixie: A hillbilly tribute to Mountain Love  CD
46. various artists: Kicksville vol 2   LP
45. Big John Bates: Mystiki   CD
44. The Evil Thingies: Chante/I can only give you everything 7"
43. The Mighty Gordinis: For bosomaniacs only  LP
42. The Hellers: singers... talkers... players... swingers... doers LP
41. various artists: Magpie  CD
40. Les Slow Slushy Boys: Oublie tout Mary Lou EP  7"
39. BeeDeeKay & The Rollercoaster: Universoul twister LP
38. The Popshoppers: Shopping guide  2LP
37. various artists: Creative musicians  2LP
36. various artists: Girls make the world go 'round vol 1  LP
35. The Zorros: History of rock vol 7 LP
34. Sickidz: Now and then  CD
33. The 5678s: Rock 'n' roll santa/Harlem shuffle  7"
32. The Soul 69: Soul '69 theme EP  7"
31. The Magnetic 4: Psycho sitar/Pura lana vergine  7"
30. Curlee Wurlee: SOS Mesdemoiselles  7"
29. various artists: Girls in the garage vol 11  LP
28. Los Yorks: Los Yorks '68  LP
27. various artists: Great googa mooga  CD
26. The Monsters: I see dead people LP/CD
25. Chaino: New sounds in rock 'n' roll  LP
24. various artists: Bietmeisjes  CD (+ book)
23. various artists: Atomic café - French cuts vols 1 to 2  2LP
22. Doktor Zoil: Habibi twist/Here comes the Doktor 7"
21. Benny Gordini: Ring-a-dang doo  LP
20. The Raveonettes: Chain gang of love  LP/CD
19. Queens Of The Stone Age: First it giveth/The most exalted potentate of love 7"
18. Rocket Science: Burn in hell EP  7"
17. Herschell Gordon Lewis: The eye-popping sounds of   CD
16. Desechables: Buen ser-vicio   LP
15. various artists: Mind expanders vol 2  LP
14. various artists: Get smarter LP
13. various artists: The big itch vol 7  LP
12. The White Stripes: Elephant  2LP/CD
11. The Cramps: Fiends of dope island  LP/CD
10. various artists: Born bad vols 7 to 8  LP
9. various artists: The International vicious society vol 2  LP
8. The Dirtbombs: Dangerous magical noise LP/CD
7. various artists: Instro-hipsters a go-go vols 3 to 4  CD
6. various artists: Dans le vent vols 1 to 2 LP
5. various artists: Stasera shake  LP
4. The Mad Daddy: Wavy gravy  CD
3. Catacombo: Fake youth culture LP
2. The Evil Thingies: New shapes in sound 10"
1. various artists: Pop à Paris vols 1 to 5 LP/CD


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