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This year saw a lot of very good compilations (20 in this list) and reissues (8) and also some releases were cd-only. The six movie-related entries this year are 49, 40, 38, 36, 29 and 28. I haven't included the promo-cd's I received the last few months, because the albums are not yet released (the evil thingies, big john bates, ...), So maybe next year they'll be on my hot hot fave fifty list next to the new Cramps album "Fiends from dope island" due out Spring 2003. This Top50 was broadcasted live in two parts on December 22 and 29 on Radio Centraal 103,9 FM during UNGAWA. To see the playlists click on "playlist" on top and go to the December 2002 listings.

50. back to peru (double LP compilation) Vampi-Soul VAMPI001
49. deep note - music of 1970's adult cinema (compilation CD) O.S.T. OST7569
48. the great stems hoax (compilation CD) Off The Hip OTH7002
47. the mind expanders <what's happening> (LP) SDLP 284
46. better than the beatles (compilation CD) Knight KCD-1003
45. buff medways <strood lites/you make me die> 7" Transcopic TRAN017
44. the good time charlies <gtc> (CD) Suspect Device SDR013
43. the come-ons <hip check> (CD) Sympathy SFTRI670
42. les sans culottes <faux realism> (CD) Aeronaut AERO0015
41. los flipper's <impromptu punk a go go> (10") Electro Harmonix EH020
40. the beat the shake and the lounge 2 (compilation CD) Optique Cinétique GDM2032
39. the nederbietels <can't you see> (7" EP) Klootzak KLZ001
38. piero piccioni <puppet on a chain> (soundtrack LP) DC DC39LP
37. steam kodok (compilation LP) Grey Past Dust004
36. ingfried hoffmann <robbi, tobbi und das fliewatuut> (soundtrack LP) Diggler DIG005LP
35. mindexpanders (compilation LP picture disc) Waterpipe AE36820
34. dancefloor jazz vol 10 (triple compilation LP) Universal Jazz 585 210-1
33. sugarman three <soul donkey> (CD) Desco DSCD005
32. le indikation <tu manipules ma tête> (7") Larsen LZ054
31. the dave davani four <fused! the swinging soul sound of> (CD) Big Beat CDWIKD212
30. frank popp ensemble <you've been gone too long> (12") Unique 064-1
29. cinema de funk vol 3 (compilation CD) Electrostatic CDF-003CD
28. birds do it (double compilation LP) Diggler DIG004LP
27. instro-hipsters a go go 2 (double compilation LP) Past&Present PAPRLP2038
26. les sans culottes <the ennui & the ecstasy> (CD) Escargo-go LSC1002
25. the nederbietels <kejje nagaan> (7")
24. bollywood funk (compilation CD)
23. andre williams <detroit soul 3> (LP)
22. andre williams <detroit soul 4> (LP)
21. men from spectre <sugartown> (CD)
20. fifty foot combo <caffeine> (LP)
19. zack thee maniac's halloween party (compilation 10")
18. the buff medways <steady the buffs> (LP)
17. the band from planet x <you should never have opened that door> (CD)
16. give peas a chance (double compilation LP)
15. further nuggets (double compilation LP)
14. the pinkertones <mais pourquoi> (12")
13. big boss man <dehumanize> (LP)
12. hands of time <i am a hideous monster> (CD)
11. midnight brew (compilation LP)
10. jungle rock (compilation CD)
  9. the international vicious society (compilation LP)
  8. ricardo ray orchestra <let's go down to the real nitty gritty> (LP)
  7. the bongolian <the bongolian> (LP)
  6. negermusik (compilation LP)
5. songs the cramps taught us vols 1-3 (compilation CD's)
4. stereophonic space sound unlimited <jet sounds inc> (LP)
3. the montesas <hipsville teen party> (LP)
2. dean carter <call of the wild!> (CD)
1. the frank popp ensemble <ride on with me> (double LP)


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