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50.Baise-moi (soundtrack)
49.Sloggy: Smashin' Trashhits EP (7")
48.Shake Sauvage (compilation CD)
47.Les Napoléons: A go go (LP)
46.Los Sonambulos: Rock con Los Sonambulos (10")
45.The Satelliters: What's up with Timothy Lee (LP)
44.BDK & The Rollercoaster: She was a Mau Mau (7")
43.I hate the Beatles vol 2 (compilation LP)
42.Los Rockeros: Jistoria de la musica pop española Vol 2 (LP)
41.Budget Girls: Miso hornie (7")
40.Alec Empire: vs Elvis Presley (LP)
39.Surfer's De Los Campeones: Checkered flag (10")
38.The Dwarves: Lick it 1983-1986 The psychedelic years (2LP)
37.Dirty Burds: It's a lie (7")
36.The Paranoiacs: Meet The Paranoiacs EP (7")
35.El Guapo Stunt Team: El Guapo Stunt Team (LP)
34.Los Banditos: Fuzzball EP (7")
33.The Launderettes: I wanna jump your bones (7")
32.The Mighty Gordinis: Kiss my wheels (LP)
31.Fifty Foot Combo: Evil a gogo (LP)
30.Los Batboys: Temas de peliculas de la tv americana (10")
29.Cécilia & ses Ennuis: Mon engin d'enfer (7")
28.Doob doob o'rama vol 2 (compilation LP)
27.Baby Horror: Mis terrores favoritos (CD)
26.Wild Billy Childish: Crimes against music (2LP)
25.Claudia Colonna & ses Guépards: La fureur de vivre (LP)
24.Nazis From Mars: Tina techno punk teen EP (7")
23.The Sidekicks: Butt candy (10")
22.Don Croissant: Boogie with the bluestiger (10")
21.The Diaboliks: Three fur burgers (LP)
20.Miss Ludella Black: She's out there (LP)
19.Catacombo: Down in Honolulu (7")
18.Fifty Foot Combo: Italian Fuzz (7")
17.Thee Headcoats: I'm the object of your desire (LP)
16.Teenage Shutdown vols 12-15 (compilation LP's)
15.Les Lutins: Best of (LP)
14.Bee Dee Kay & The Roller Coaster: Amazing stories (LP)
13.The Buff Medways: Fire (7")
12.Andre Williams: Black godfather (LP)
11.The Whodads: Bongo festeris (LP)
10.Ultrasonicas: Yo fui una adolescente terrosatanica (10")
9.  Thee Headcoats Sect: Ready sect go (LP)
8.  Sonovac: Human fly (7")
7.  Las Vegas Grind vol 6 (compilation LP)
6.  Swinging Mademoiselles vol 2 (compilation LP)
5.  Thee Headcoats: Elementary Headcoats (3LP)
4.  The Strollers: Falling right down (LP)
3.  The Men from S.P.E.C.T.R.E.: With the finger on the trigger (CD)
2.  Ultra Chicks vols 1-4 (compilation CD's)
1.  Weirdsville / Wildsville / Wowsville (compilation LP's)


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