TOP 15 albums from 2014
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
the real sound powersolo crunchy frog records 1
wait for the sun the recalls moonshake records 2
pagan day pypy slovenly recordings 3
retweeted sleaford mods salon alter hammer 4
last man on earth big boss man blow up records 5
the snails the snails beluga music 6
it's fun to be a monster vince ripper and the rodent show video music 7
monster masquerade dead elvis & his one man grave monster mash records 8
join the riot the smoggers clifford records 9
two bottles of blood the guitaraculas trash wax 10
latitud del cavall condor gruppe condor men records 11
solid gravy mfc chicken dirty water records 12
acorn man wild billy childish & ctmf damaged goods 13
2e etage: lingerie pour hommes les kitschenette's soundflat records 14
plays ferre grignard hash bamboo shuffle starman records 15