TOP 20 albums from 2005
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label place
do the bambi stereo total disko b 20
rockers shakers the montesas soundflat records 19
hashish the satelliters dionysus records 18
a third opinion the maharajas low impact records 17
automatic ray king automatic voodoo rhythm 16
music for funsters the real losers alien snatch! records 15
blueprint the bongolian blow up records 14
billion pound project andy lewis acid jazz 13
sieg howdy jello biafra and the melvins alternative tentacles 12
wolfmother wolfmother modular recordings 11
moods and grooves shawn lee's ping pong orchestra moods and grooves 10
lords have mercy the lords of altamont fargo records 9
cantan en espanol wau y los arghs voodoo rhythm 8
15 reasons to rnr hot boogie chillun drunkabilly records 7
medway wheelers the buff medways damaged goods 6
touch and go the frank popp ensemble unique 5
winner big boss man blow up records 4
the hangee v the hangee v for monsters records 3
demos peripherique est disquemediumsound 2
les terribles les terribles dionysus records 1