TOP 15 albums from 2002
selected from my vinyl record collection

album  artist label top
the masonic machine turns on you the masonics vinyl japan 1
jet sounds inc stereophonic space sound unlimited dionysus records 2
caffeine fifty foot combo drunkabilly records 3
i see dead people the monsters voodoo rhythm 4
new shapes in sound the evil thingies tear it up records 5
steady the buffs the buff medways transcopic 6
the bongolian the bongolian blow up records 7
teenage mojo work out the's sweet nothing records 8
rock & rule the ewings tear it up records 9
universoul twister bee dee kay & the rollercoaster larsen recordz 10
for bosomaniacs only the mighty gordinis nitro! 11
come and get it the skidmarks munich records 12
history of rock vol 7 die zorros voodoo rhythm 13
l'explosion du son de maintenant! the jewws demolition derby 14
naked blues the legendary tiger man munster records 15