TOP 20 albums from 2001
selected from my vinyl record collection

artist label top
toxicity system of a down american recordings 1
ride on the frank popp ensemble unique 2
hipsville teen party the montesas larsen recordz 3
she's a pest curlee wurlee crazy love records 4
music automatique stereo total bungalow 5
space age traffic jam ray daytona and googoobombos mad driver records 6
this is this the buff medways vinyl japan 7
three hairs and you're mine king khan and his shrines voodoo rhythm 8
the nazis from mars the nazis from mars astral anarchy 9
a la surboum les dragueurs wild wild records 10
alfa bravo charlie moulinettes shado records 11
like a dog taxi deadbeat records 12
the magickal childe leo young tummy touch 13
blow foetus thirsty ear 14
year of the panther el guapo stuntteam sounds of subterrania 15
life, love and leaving the detroit cobras sympathy for the record industry 16
sexplosive the satelliters dionysus records 17
move the boss martians dionysus records 18
white blood cells the white stripes xl recordings 19
my first political dance album le hammond inferno bungalow 20