TOP 20 albums from 2000
selected from my vinyl record collection

artist label top
the spacesound effect stereophonic space sound unlimited dionysus records 1
i am the object of your desire thee headcoats friends of the buff medway fanciers association 2
captain of my ship the strollers low impact records 3
veni vidi vicious the hives burning heart records 4
bongo festeris the whodads kinky star 5
humanize big boss man blow up records 6
she's out there miss ludella black damaged goods 7
three fur burgers the diaboliks vinyl japan 8
jet sounds nicola conte schema 9
the horrors the horrors in the red recordings 10
god don't like it holly golightly damaged goods 11
evil a go go fifty foot combo RBE Music 12
feel the beating de bossen the twilight bark 13
butt candy the sidekicks electro harmonix 14
the sinister organisation the charles napiers one million dollar records 15
de stijl the white stripes v2 16
raw sonovac output 17
black godfather andre williams in the red recordings 18
soul donkey sugarman three desco records 19
kiss my wheels the mighty gordinis nitro! 20