TOP 20 albums from 1999
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
falling right down the strollers low impact records 1
with the finger on the trigger the men from spectre sheep records 2
rulers of your heart the sires twist records 3
the sisters of suave thee headcoatees damaged goods 4
in blood billy childish and holly golightly wabana ore limited 5
what's up with timothy dee the satelliters screaming apple 6
the winning score frigg a go go scooch pooch 7
the white stripes the white stripes v2 8
60 second wipe out atari teenage riot digital hardcore recordings 9
here comes cessation thee headcoatees vinyl japan 10
cyclerific sounds the silencers total energy 11
ready sect go! thee headcoat sect vinyl japan 12
rain stops play dodsons' dogs vinyl japan 13
a wild shot of ray daytona and googoobombos mad driver records 14
jet generation guitar wolf matador 15
u.g.l.y. girl the boonaraaas thunderwoman 16
music to travel by the whodads kinky star 17
my melody stereo total bobsled records 18
pussycat a go go great unwashed and the sober sisters new lifeshark records 19
yellow, purple and green rudi protrudi, craig moore and the others teen sound records 20