TOP 30 albums from 1998
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
lick it the dwarves recess records 1
down among the dead men the masonics sympathy for the record industry 2
the fluid soundbox stereophonic space sound unlimited dionysus records 3
faster than the bugzapper the green hornets alopecia records 4
jukebox alarm stereo total bungalow 5
queens of the stone age queens of the stone age man's ruin records 6
a-haunting we will go-go the ghastly ones telstar records 7
birds eat martians the monsters voodoo rhythm 8
the girl collection de bossen kinky star 9
horndog fest the dirtbombs in the red recordings 10
here i am i always am kyra vinyl japan 11
get down the hi-fives lookout! Records 12
cobra killer cobra killer digital hardcore recordings 13
the messerschmitt pilot's severed hand thee headcoats damaged goods 14
che's lounge frenchy dionysus records 15
serial girlfriend holly golightly damaged goods 16
shake shake shake the satelliters dionysus records 17
fast livin' & rock 'n' roll the bobbyteens lipstick records 18
panne um mitternacht demolition girl thunderwoman 19
amazing stories bee dee kay & the rollercoaster banana juice 20
taime to start kickin' ass aerobitch punch records 21
drop the gun 54 nude honeys mademoiselle records 22
live the spastics rip off records 23
apartment wrestling rock and roll lightning beat-man & the never heard of 'ems voodoo rhythm 24
itching for action the diaboliks dionysus records 25
hendrix was not the only musician thee headcoats sympathy for the record industry 26
take a ride with us morticia's lovers violator 27
silky andre williams in the red recordings 28
rip-off thee andrews surfers drunkabilly records 29
brother is dead but fly is gone thee headcoats vinyl japan 30