TOP 20 albums from 1997
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label place
the one-two-five the one-two-five misty lane records 20
il suono di violenza the charles napiers one million dollar records 19
go hunting fifty foot combo z-braah records 18
play 9 songs with mr. Quintron oblivians crypt records 17
satan's highway the hookers scooch pooch 16
souls on fire the neckbones fat possum records 15
right on sound countdowns scooch pooch 14
the donnas the donnas super*teem! 13
chatham's burning the pop rivets damaged goods 12
cacophony now armitage shanks damaged goods 11
pin heel stomp the's time bomb records 10
the messerschmitt pilot's severed hand thee headcoats damaged goods 9
blur blur food 8
wylde knights of action the satelliters dionysus records 7
barely legal the hives burning heart records 6
steel blue moods les vice barons nitro! 5
punk girls thee headcoatees sympathy for the record industry 4
big beat from badsville the cramps epitaph 3
monokini stereo total bungalow 2
play lost tv themes stereophonic space sound unlimited mai tai records 1