TOP 20 albums from 1995
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label place
dutronc! Dutronc! Dutronc! dutronc damaged goods 20
insomniac green day reprise records 19
rocks kids the motards empty records 18
square root of evil the charles napiers one million dollar records 17
hitsville the brood dionysus records 16
smash hits teengenerate estrus records 15
ragged soul the lazy cowgirls crypt records 14
refried ectoplasm stereolab duophonic ultra high frequency disks 13
adios amigos ramones radioactive 12
intravenous television continuum man or astroman one louder 11
in squarification the squares get hip recordings 10
beat it up the kaisers no hit records 9
sing and play twenty punk hits of the seventies armitage shanks vinyl japan 8
savage island the bomboras dionysus records 7
youth against nature the monsters record junkie 6
prestressed cee bee beaumont damaged goods 5
surfvival of de onbeschoftste the apemen nitro! 4
oh ah stereo total little teddy recordings 3
dirt track date southern culture on the skids dgc 2
bedlam a go go mickey and ludella vinyl japan 1