TOP 15 albums from 1994
selected from my vinyl record collection

artist label top
conundrum thee headcoats super electro sound recordings 1
ballad of the insolent pup thee headcoatees vinyl japan 2
seduction link protrudi and the jaymen music maniac records 3
pure and filthy rhythm 'n' punk the squares royal records 4
flamejob the cramps creation records 5
wrestling rock 'n' roll lightning beat-man record junkie 6
got a record the rip offs rip off records 7
ora sai perchè! gli avvoltoi destination x records 8
teen trash vol 10 the falling spikes music maniac records 9
in scareo the fiends dionysus records 10
the chrome cranks the chrome cranks pcp entertainment 11
are you being surfed? the apemen vulcan 12
deep space the trashwomen repent records 13
twelve dusty diamonds the tiki men hillsdale records 14
the's the's time bomb records 15