TOP 15 albums from 1991
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
nevermind nirvana dgc 1
and the lord said let there be trash the cannibals hit records 2
headcoatitude thee headcoats shakin' street records 3
look mom no head the cramps big beat records 4
the masonics the masonics hangman records 5
the hunch the monsters record junkie 6
trapped in a square the squares hangman records 7
hipnosis lagartija nick romilar d records 8
girlsville thee headcoatees hangman records 9
green fuzz 1987 the melting ashes wipe out records 10
braindrops the fuzztones music maniac records 11
dracula the silly things nova express 12
trompe le monde pixies 4ad 13
innocence the mild mannered janitors screaming apple 14
instant ventriloquism art phag resonance 15