TOP 25 albums from 1989
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
john lennon's corpse revisited thee mighty caesars crypt records 1
bleach nirvana sub pop 2
masks the monsters record junkie 3
automatic the jesus and mary chain blanco y negro 4
headcoats down thee headcoats hangman records 5
down and dirty sin city disciples rope trick records 6
the earls of suavedom thee headcoats crypt records 7
beneath the remains sepultura r/c records 8
brain drain ramones sire 9
all wrecked up the nomads amigo 10
the delmonas the delmonas hangman records 11
night of the living eyes the chesterfield kings mirror 12
belgian asociality belgian asociality punk etc 13
mondo teeno experience the midnight men punk etc 14
in heat the fuzztones situation two 15
let's play scratch n' sniff with grandpa's butt the fuknotz wanghead records 16
punch drunk the rumblers pet sounds 17
pay day the raunch hands crypt records 18
having a philosophical investigation with the electric eels the tinnitus label 19
death race 2000 la muerte play it again sam records 20
coming home rockin' rocket 88 link records 21
brasil ratos de porao roadracer records 22
negative waves bored! glitterhouse records 23
satan, bugs bunny, and me… the cassandra complex play it again sam records 24
part-time heroes the chainsaws play it again sam records 25