TOP 40 albums from 1985
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
psychocandy the jesus and mary chain blanco y negro 1
must've been something i took last night yard trauma dionysus records 2
beware the ides of march thee mighty caesars big beat records 3
lysergic emanations the fuzztones abc 4
emerge the morlocks midnight records 5
what's inside the vibes chainsaw 6
stop! the chesterfield kings mirror records 7
psychic… powerless… another man's sac the butthole surfers fundamental 8
dangerous charms the delmonas big beat records 9
love the cult beggars banquet 10
bad moon rising sonic youth blast first 11
trash for cash the cannibals hit records 12
mbih! the neon judgement anything but records 13
sabotage the klinik 3rio records 14
first and last and always the sisters of mercy merciful 15
the head on the door the cure fiction records 16
25 o'clock the dukes of stratosphear virgin 17
night time killing joke eg 18
silvertone chris isaak warner bros records 19
frankenchrist dead kennedys alternative tentacles 20
heaven shockabilly fundamental 21
the curse of the mutants the meteors dojo 22
legacy of brutality misfits plan9 23
slave girl the lime spiders hybrid records 24
maximum security alien sex fiend anagram records 25
no free lunch green on red mercury 26
first avalanche the rose of avalanche leeds independent label 27
the now sound of the tell-tale hearts voxx records 28
atom bomb party scientists au go go 29
talk about the weather red lorry yellow lorry red rhino records 30
nada death in june new european recordings 31
green peas the vietnam veterans music maniac records 32
city slab horror severed heads ink records 33
concerto pour detraques bérurier noir bondage records 34
buen ser-vicio desechables 3cipreses 35
the lust zowiso geen records 36
rum sodomy & the lash the pogues stiff records 37
running stream running stream ton um ton 38
yeah the cavemen midnight records 39
music for men mad daddys new rose records 40