TOP 40 albums from 1984
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label place
hide chow chow antler records 40
deadly weapons minimal compact crammed discs 39
cemetery deja voodoo og music 38
the ship luc van acker emi 37
treasure cocteau twins 4ad 36
cop swans k.442 35
tocsin x-mal deutschland 4ad 34
hyaena siouxsie and the banshees wonderland 33
multicoloured shades multicoloured shades last chance records 32
color appreciation plasticland lolita 31
some have a laughter siglo xx antler records 30
from the cradle to the grave subhumans bluurg records 29
burning oil skeletal family red rhino records 28
heaven is waiting the danse society arista 27
give daddy the knife, cindy naz nomad and the nightmares big beat records 26
pop tones on tail beggars banquet 25
dreamtime the cult beggars banquet 24
hole scraping foetus off the wheel self immolation 23
outta the nest! the vipers pvc records 22
no comment front 242 another side 21
the las vegas story the gun club animal records 20
raining pleasure the triffids hot records 19
increase the pressure conflict mortarhate records 18
you can't hum when you're dead executive slacks fundamental 17
dead can dance dead can dance 4ad 16
acid bath alien sex fiend anagram records 15
plan 9 plan 9 new rose records 14
all black and hairy the gravedigger v voxx records 13
shocking shades on claw boys claw hipcat records 12
ocean rain echo and the bunnymen korova 11
hatful of hollow the smiths rough trade 10
stampede the meteors mad pig records 9
on fyre lyres ace of hearts records 8
scatology coil force & form 7
the surrealist mystery la muerte soundwork 6
too tough to die ramones sire 5
temptation pays double the nomads amigo 4
we're outta place the outta place midnight records 3
leave your mind at home the fuzztones midnight records 2
thee knights of trashe thee milkshakes milkshakes records 1