TOP 40 albums from 1983
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
auto-da-fé spk walter ulbricht schalfolien 1
smell of female the cramps big eat records 2
where the wolfbane blooms the nomads amigo 3
death church rudimentary peni corpus christi 4
subterranean jungle ramones sire 5
after school session thee milkshakes upright records 6
who's been sleeping in my brain alien sex fiend anagram records 7
moving staircases the escalators big beat records 8
confusion is sex sonic youth neutral records 9
let's start a war said maggie one day the exploited pax records 10
it's time to see who's who conflict corpus christi 11
in strict tempo dave ball some bizarre 12
the hurting tears for fears mercury 13
the reptile house the sisters of mercy merciful 14
burning from the inside bauhaus beggars banquet 15
le péril jaune indochine ariola 16
dehumanization crucifix corpus christi 17
second empire justice blitz future records 18
head over heels cocteau twins 4ad 19
violent femmes violent femmes slash records 20
answer siglo xx antler records 21
over the edge wipers brain eater 22
maquis red zebra parsley 23
choco tc matic emi 24
from the cradle to the grave subhumans bluurg records 25
sparkle in the rain simple minds virgin 26
c cat trance c cat trance red flame 27
life's a riot with spy vs spy billy bragg cooking vinyl 28
disorderly conduct billy synth & the turn-ups tragik records 29
jonge helden arbeid adelt parlophone 30
earth vs shockabilly shockabilly rough trade 31
hollywood holiday true west pvc records 32
we've got the power red alert no future records 33
machine 1919 red rhino records 34
soul mining the the some bizarre 35
the wisermiserdemelza the prisoners big beat records 36
city baby's revenge gbh clay records 37
fire dances killing joke eg 38
here's to you, gang! the scabs emi 39
power corruption and lies new order factory records 40