TOP 30 albums from 1982
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
plastic surgery disasters dead kennedys alternative tentacles 1
if i die, i die virgin prunes rough trade 2
here are the chesterfield kings the chesterfield kings mirror records 3
city baby attacked by rats gbh clay records 4
christ the album crass crass records 5
geography front 242 new dance 6
troops of tomorrow the exploited secret 7
timeless zolar x pyramid 8
never mind dirt, here's the bollocks dirt crass records 9
the number of the beast iron maiden emi 10
pornography the cure fiction records 11
leichenschrei spk side effects 12
frustration plan 9 voxx records 13
l'aventurier indochine clemence melody 14
the day the country died subhumans spiderleg records 15
chronic generation chron gen secret 16
songs of the free gang of four emi 17
the curse of zounds zounds rough trade 18
new gold dream simple minds virgin 19
garlands cocteau twins 4ad 20
the sky's gone out bauhaus beggars banquet 21
relevations killing joke malicious damage 22
friend or foe adam ant cbs 23
hear nothing see nothing say nothing discharge clay records 24
only theatre of pain christian death frontier records 25
westworld theatre of hate burning rome records 26
la maqueta desechables munster records 27
the lords of the new church the lords of the new church illegal records 28
forever now the psychedelic furs cbs 29
rock & horror screaming lord sutch ace 30