TOP 20 albums from 1974-76
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
ramones ramones sire 1
the modern lovers the modern lovers beserkley 2
soul impressions janko nilovic editions montparnasse 2000 3
high voltage ac/dc atlantic 4
pre-creedence the golliwogs fantasy 5
the runaways the runaways mercury 6
radioactivity kraftwerk kling klang 7
physical graffiti led zeppelin swan song 8
dirty deeds done dirt cheap ac/dc atlantic 9
horses patti smith arista 10
the song remains the same led zeppelin swan song 11
the bobby bean sound and singers the bobby bean sound and singers cannon records 12
blondie blondie private stock 13
teenage depression eddie & the hot rods island records 14
oxygene jean-michel jarre disques motors 15
quatro suzi quatro rak 16
too much too soon new york dolls mercury 17
well kept secret james last polydor 18
it is finished nina simone rca 19
zodiac blowfly weird world 20