TOP 40 albums from 1969
selected from my vinyl record collection

album artist label top
the stooges the stooges elektra 1
the velvet underground the velvet underground mgm records 2
contact silver apples kapp records 3
kick out the jams mc5 elektra 4
the head shop the head shop epic 5
a new exciting experience the free pop electronic concept electronic records 6
original popcorn franz auffray egg 7
the open mind the open mind philips 8
dracula's music cabinet the vampires of dartmoore metronome 9
percussion panorama chor und orchester george martin metronome 10
barbarella the young lovers design records 11
emerge the litter probe 12
more pink floyd columbia 13
at home shocking blue pink elephant 14
soul cure the power pack polydor 15
apricot brandy and albatross john bunyan's progressive pilgrims alshire 16
workin' on a groovy thing mongo santamaria columbia 17
the dukes the dukes red lounge records 18
morgen morgen probe 19
moog power hugo montenegro rca victor 20
dance and mood music vol 9 pierre dutour chappell 21
deep purple deep purple harvest 22
led zeppelin II led zeppelin atlantic 23
one step beyond the chocolate watchband tower 24
bull of the woods the thirteenth floor elevators international artists 25
gli angeli del 2000 mario molino cam 26
songs from midnight cowboy elephants memory buddah records 27
abbey road the beatles apple records 28
light my fire the firebirds crown records 29
space oddity david bowie philips 30
let it bleed the rolling stones decca 31
sax appeal herb larson command 32
soul club memphis black sunset records 33
it's a mother james brown king records 34
snatch and the poontangs snatch and the poontangs kent 35
underground fire the ventures liberty 36
hell's belles les baxter sidewalk 37
the lost studio album/1969 lightning american sound records 38
ob-la-di ob-la-da the rob franken organ-ization rca camden 39
nothing but a heartache the flirtations deram 40