TOP 100 New Wave songs 1978-1984

(selection made in 1997; soon I'll make a completely new selection)

1. Something must break : Joy Division (from album "Still" Factory FACT40 '81)
2. The passion of lovers: Bauhaus (from 7" on Beggars Banquet  BEG59 '81)
3. Temple of love: Sisters Of Mercy (from 7" on Merciful Release MR027 '83)
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4. Day of the lords: Joy Division (from album "Unknown pleasures" Factory FACT10 '79)
5. Body electric: Sisters Of Mercy (from 7" on  CNT Records CNT002 '82)
6.  I can't live in a living room: Red Zebra (from 7" on Zebra 001 '80)

7.  Soldier soldier: Spizzenergi (from 7" on Rough Trade RTS03 '79)

8.  Voor de dood: Aroma Di Amore (from mini-album "Voor de dood" on Play It Again Sam '83)

9.  No tears: Tuxedomoon (from 12" "No tears" on Time Release TR101 '78)

10.Interzone: Joy Division (from album "Unknown pleasures" Factory FACT10 '79)

11.Alice: Sisters Of Mercy (from 7" on Merciful Release MR015 '82)

12.Bela Lugosi's dead: Bauhaus (from 12" on Small Wonder TEENY2 '79)

13.Orphans: Teenage Jesus & The Jerks (from 7" on ZE  '78)

14.Is Vic there?: Department S (from 7" on Demon D1003 '80)

15.Lady shave: Fad Gadget (from 7" on Mute 012 '81)

16.Caucasian walk: Virgin Prunes (from LP "If I die, I die" Rough Trade ROUGH49 '82)

17.Nag nag nag: Cabaret Voltaire (from 7" on Rough Trade RT018 '79)

18.The model: Kraftwerk (from 7" on Capitol CL15998 '78)

19.No shuffle : Front 242 (from 7" on Another Side 8504 '84)

20.Ricky's hand: Fad Gadget (from 7" on Mute 006 '80)

21.Robot: Plastics (from 7" on Rough Trade RT030 '79)

22.Transmisison: Warsaw (from LP "Warsaw" on RZM JD01 '78)

23.The wind blows: Skeletal Family (from LP "Burning oil" Red Rhino REDLP44 '83)

24.Being boiled: The Human League (from 7" on Fast FAST4 '78)

25.A means to an end: Joy Division (from LP "Closer" on Factory FACT25 '80)

26.Shadowplay: Warsaw (from LP "Warsaw" on RZM JD01 '78)

27.Dead souls: Joy Division (from 7" on Sordide Sentimental SS33002 '79)

28.Heartland: Sisters Of Mercy (from 7" on Merciful Release MR027 '83)

29.Pagan love song: Virgin Prunes (from 7" on Rough Trade RT106 '82)

30.Where's Captain Kirk?: Spizzenergi (from 7" on Rough Trade RTS04 '79)

31.Der Mussolini: DAF (from 7" on Mute 011 '81)

32.Ignore the machine: Alien Sex Fiend (from 7" on Anagram ANA11 '83)

33.Isolation: Joy Division (from LP "Closer" Factory FACT25 '80)

34.Planet claire: The B-52's (from 7" on Boofant DB52 '79)

35.In the flat field: Bauhaus (from LP "In the flat field" on 4AD CAD13 '80)

36.Marcia Baila: Les Rita Mitsouko (from 7" on Virgin 107 357 '84)

37.Reach out: Wasted Youth (from 7" on Bridgehouse BHS14 '82)

38.Disorder: Joy Division (from LP "Unknown pleasures" Factory FACT10 '79)

39.Living in the ice age: Warsaw (from LP "Warsaw" RZM JD1 '78)

40.New dawn fades: Joy Division (from LP "Unknown pleasures" Factory FACT10 '79)

41.De dag dat het zonlicht niet meer scheen: Arbeid Adelt! (from 7" on Parsley PP018 '81)

42.Warm leatherette: The Normal (from 7" on Mute 001 '79)

43.Fade to grey: Visage (from 7" on Polydor POSP194 '80)

44.Fire in Cairo: The Cure (from LP "Three imaginary boys" Fiction FIX1 '78)

45.Sonny's burning: The Birthday Party (from mini-LP "The bad seed" on 4AD BAD301 '82)

46.Performance: Tones On Tail (from 7" on Beggars Banquet BEG106 '84)

47.Pictures on my wall: Echo & The Bunnymen (from 7" on Zoo CAGE004 '79)

48.Dangling on a string: C Cat Trance (from LP "C Cat Trance" Red Flame RFM019 '84)

49.The bus: Executive Slacks (from 12" "The bus" on Red Music '82)

50.I travel: Simple Minds (from 7" on Zoom ARIST372 '80)

51.What difference does it make?: The Smiths (from 7" on Rough Trade RT146 '83)

52.Party out of bounds: The B-52's (from LP "Wild planet" Warner Bros 3471 '80)

53.Mexican radio: Wall Of Voodoo (from 7" on Illegal ILS0036 '82)

54.Shallow than halo: Cocteau Twins (from LP "Garlands" 4AD CAD211 '82)

55.Poptones: Public Image Limited (from LP "Second edition" Virgin METAL1 '79)

56.Baby turns blue: Virgin Prunes (from 7" on Rough Trade RT119 '82)

57.Jah Wobble: How much are they? (from 7" on Island 105 117 '81)

58.Eisbär: Grauzone (from 7" on Off Course 1C006-46 430 '81)

59.Back to nature: Fad Gadget (from 7" on Mute 012 '81)

60.Mickey: Toni Basil (from 7" on Virgin 104 159 '81)

61.I want candy: Bow Wow Wow (from 7" on RCA RCA238 '82)

62.Oh la la la: TC Matic (from 7" on Parsley PP003 '81)

63.Bedsitter: Soft Cell (from 7" on Vertigo 6059 485 '81)

64.Follow the leaders: Killing Joke (from 7" on Polydor 2002066 '81)

65.El macho y la nena: Liaisons Dangereuses (from LP "Liaisions Dangereuses" Roadrunner RR9982 '81)

66.Papa's got a brand new pigbag: Pigbag (from 7" on Y Records Y10 '81)

67.Happy house: Siouxsie & The Banshees (from 7" on Polydor 815 501-7 '83)

68.Last white Christmas: Basement 5 (from LP "1965-1980" on Island 203 275-320 '80)

69.I'll meet you in Poland: Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel (from LP "Hole" on Some Bizarre WOMB FDL3 '84)

70.Our darkness: Anne Clark (from 7" on Red Flame 106 967 '83)

71.Plastic passion: The Cure (from 7" on Fiction FICS002 '79)

72.Fred vom Jupiter: Die Doraus und die Marinas (from 7" on Mute 101627 '82)

73.Flying turns: Crash Course In Science (from 12" "Signals from pier 13" Press LD01)

74.Boys say go: Depeche Mode (from LP "Speak & spell" on Mute 540016 '81)

75.Until a day: Siglo XX (from LP "Siglo XX" Antler 013 '83)

76.Verschwende deine Jugend: DAF (from LP "Gold und Liebe" Virgin 204 165-320 '81)

77.Le dizzidence politik: Indochine (from LP "L'aventurier" Virgin 201 959-270 ''82)

78.Life kills: The Human League (from LP "Travelogue" Virgin 202 332 '80)

79.Operating tracks: Front 242 (from LP "Geography" New Dance NEW D006 '82)

80.The scream: 1919 (from LP "Machine" Red Rhino REDLP25 '84)

81.T.V. treated: The Neon Judgement (from LP "1984-1984" Scarface FACE7 '82)

82.India: The Psychedelic Furs (from LP "The Psychedelic Furs" CBS 84084 '80)

83.Banging the door: Public Image Limited (from LP "Flowers of romance" Virgin 203 410-320 '81)

84.Ghostrider: Suicide (from LP "Suicide" Demon FIEND74 '77)

85.Germanik: SPK (from LP "Auto-da-fé" Walter Ulbricht Schallfolien WULP002 '83)

86.Suicide commando: No More (from 12" on

87.The him: New Order (from LP"

88.She's in parties: Bauhaus (from 7"

89.In strict tempo: Dave Ball (from

90.Pretty day: Mary Moore (from '83)

91.Kalte klares Wasser: Malaria! (from

92.Ritmische dans: De Kommeniste (from LP "

93.Yashar: Cabaret Voltaire (from 12" "Yashar"

94.Tanz debil: Einstürzende Neubauten (from

95.Wild in the wood: Dead Can Dance (from LP "Dead can dance" 4AD CAD404 '84)

96.Mirage: Siouxsie & The Banshees (from LP "The scream"

97.Le rabatteur des sectes: Polyphonic Size (from LP "Walkin' everywhere" Virgin 205847 '83)

98.Begrab mein Herz: X Mal Deutschland (from LP "Tocsin" 4AD CAD407 '84)

99.Come to daddy: Virgin Prunes (from 10"

100.Mind your own business: Delta 5 (from 7" on Rough Trade RT031 '79)