"Paisley fate" - 16 Paisley prayers for psyched up souls


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE266
"German Acid, French Prog, UK beat, US Paisley, psyched up northern soul and more sixties sounds..."

1. give your lovin' to me - the mojos

Excellent Merseybeat to start this volume with. A wee bit early for Paisley sounds but soon it's there…  It's the flipside to their best known song "Everything's alright". First they were known as The Nomads. A 1964 Decca release.

9. backstreet  girl - nicky scott

A Rolling Stones original, produced by Mick Jagger and Andrew Loog Oldham… Result? A terrific version recorded in 1967. In 1966 he recorded three singles with Diane Ferraz (from The Ferris Wheel).

2. i've got a girl - the swinging bluejeans

A year later another British Merseybeat band  (best known for their Hippy Hippy Shake hit version) recorded this uptempo beat tune with some ace guitar breaks. Like most of their early releases this was issued by His Master's Voice.

10. little little - kannibal komix

Italian acid rock on Saint Martin Records? No, this band is actually Die Anderen from Germany, who had releases under different names, such as Apocalypse (in Spain), The Others (in France) and Kannibal Komix (in Italy and in the US), named after their first album which features both sides of this 45. The album was issued in 1968 in Germany and in 1970 in other countries. Also this 45 came out in 1970 in Italy. Flipside is "Neurotic reaction".


3. love won't come my way - the sunbeats

A very distinctive "Belgian sound"… just listen to that organ, the weird drum sound and the way they try to sing English. Nevertheless this is an outstanding mid tempo garage song. Recorded in 1969 but it sounds like 1966. On the Monopole label.

11. paisley teddy bear - the hello people

Paisley folk garage from 1968 by this New York outfit, active from 1967 to 1975. A Philips release. See volume 103 for the B-side.

4. chain reaction - nicky scott

His first three singles, all from 1966, were recorded with Diane Ferraz (known for her short career with The Ferris Wheel). In 1967 he tried it on his own with no success whatsoever. His version of "Back street girl" is quite good, but I prefer the flipside of that Immediate release. "Chain reaction" is perhaps his best recorded output.

12. master of my fate - the american breed

Excellent popsike tune with a lot of soul. It's their most underrated single. Not every single can be a hit like "Bend me shape me" or "Green light". My favourite song is "The brain" (see vol 80). A 1968 Atca release. More on vols 49, 141 and 156.

5. birmingham - the movers

Rock 'n' roll singer Ric Cartey produced this release in 1968. It's a mix of Merseybeat, Paisley sounds, southern soul and yes, some rockin' vibes. The follow-up single was "Hello L.A., bye bye Birmingham", haha.

13. her sadness primer - compass

Can I label this psychedelic soul? As far as I know it was their sole single, popular at northern soul parties and at psychedelic raves. Both sides don't appear on their eponymous album, both released on the New York based AJP label (AJP stands for Ahmad Jamal Productions).

6. all along the watchtower - the nashville teens

I must admit I was pleasantly surprised by this British rendition of Dylan's "All along the watchtower". Jimi Hendrix may have recorded the seminal version, this is something completely different and that's why I like it. The Nashville Teens were formed in 1962 and are best known for their version of "Tobacco Road". Recorded in 1968 for Decca. See also vol 103.

14. ride the sky - lucifer's friend

Formed in 1970 this was their first release, a prototype of heavy metal. Uriah Heep lovers like this band because of John Lawton, ex-Uriah Heep, who is the singer of this band. Lawton was also active in other bands like Asterix (see vol 8). Lawton co-wrote this song on this Philips release.

7. horla - lucifer's friend

B-side of "Ride the sky" and less 70s sounding. It's more acid-rock with a bit of Sabbath/Zeppelin. This track isn't featured on their eponymous debut album.

15. cherry berry baby - davey & the dolphins

Davey is David Liska; and The Dolphins were also known as Crossroads. This is the first release on Subtown from 1970. Then it was picked up by Columbia and released as Crossroads featuring David Liska. I prefer the first band name though. This is late 60s bubblegum pop.

8. jimi - unity

Unity was a French outfit, also known as Acanthus (remember their soundtrack for the 1971 Jean Rollin movie "Le frisson des vampires"). Two 45s have been released in 1970. This hard rockin' prog "hommage à Jimi Hendrix" is amazing. I still don't understand why it was only a B-side. See volume 110 for the flipside.

16. sound of eternal life - eternal life & co

We have reached the end of this volume. Eternal Life And Co had only one release, this 1968 Malibu single. Check out volume 109 for the other side. Enjoy the psychedelic Sound Of Eternal Life.