"Splib on the beach" - 16 instrumental pops, twists and strolls from 1959-1971


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE261
"Let's dribble and twist and do the catwalk and the monster walk on Baja Beach until your soul pops on 45 rpm..."

Splib 107
1. the splib pt 2 - j.c. davis

Remember "The chicken scratch" on the Shakin' Fit comp or Jungle Exotica classic "Monkey"? Two years earlier he recorded this magnificent instrumental. Once in a while they're shouting "Shake it shake it" in between the sax hollers and the ghastly guitar licks. Actually this tune is my fave J.C. Davis recording. A 1961 Argo release. See also volume 189.

9. soul poppin' - johnny jones & the king casuals

"Soul poppin" has always been one of my all time fave singles and the best northern soul single ever. Recorded in 1968 by this Nashville combo. Oh, something you might want to know. On the fab compilation "Wavy gravy - four hairy policemen" there's this "Purple Haze" cover version by Alt Take. Well, this is the same outfit! Before Jimi Hendrix went to play with Curtis Knight in the mid-60s, he lived a while in Tennessee where he founded The King Casuals. When Jimi left, Johnny Jones became their leader. My copy came out on Brunswick; the initial release was on Peachtree, also in 1968.

Warner Bros
2. drum twist - buddy harman combo

Listen to the kettle drum during the breaks and twist along the craziest way on this uptempo exotica instro monster, again from that magnificent year 1961.

10. noisy reservation twist - buddy harman combo

Some more twistin' straight from the noisiest reservation ever. Drummer Harman was also active in The Tunesmiths in the mid 1950s, mostly as backing band for Carl Smith. A 1961 Warner Bros release.

Warner Bros
cocktail trio
3. 45 toeren met 't cocktail trio - cocktail trio

This is the instrumental side (see volume 145 for more info); the A-side is the vocal side. Hilarious two-sider from the Netherlands as a promo release for Caltex Petroleum's Boron. This fun band was formed in the late '50s and lasted well into the '80s. Some of their releases have become classics (in my record colletion they are). This was recorded in 1966.

11. horses - sam & his rocking five

Another fabulous Belgian Middle-Eastern flavoured exotica surfer from the vault of horror. A 1961 Fast release. See also volume 64 for his other band.

4. doing my thing - ray bryant

A better than expected soul-jazz instrumental from 1968 on Cadet. Bryant was a well known pianist for Blue Note, from hardbop to cool jazz, from blues to R&B,… he played it all.

12. pata pata - ray bryant

The Miriam Makeba hit in an instrumental version by the Blue Note house pianist himself. In 1968 he was 37 years old. On the B-side there's "Doin' my thing".

5. monster walk pt2 - the rhythm 'n' blues classical funk band

An unbelievable funky monster instrumental from 1971. Both sides are amazing. I slightly prefer this flipside. A Mankind release.

13. the dribble - the mar-keys

From Memphis, Tennessee this band (of "Last night" fame) recorded many songs, often as backing band for various artists on the Stax label. Some of them evolved into Booker T & The MG's in 1962. This fine R&B instrumental was released in 1963 on Stax.

6. golden jet - roby davis

Sleazy instrumental recorded behind the green door in a smokey room. A piano, a saxophone and a standard rock 'n' roll combo seem to have played all night long. A 1962 Saphir release.

14. roby's twist - roby davis

A pretty solid instrumental twist tune by this Parisian night club orchestra featuring Marcel Galiègue and Roby Davis. Two more tunes on this twistin' EP.

Disques Saphir
7. baja beach - the invaders

From a Belgian split single with The Trashmen. I don't know which band this is nor when this was recorded. It might as well be the same band that had several singles in 1974 on Biram and Omega International, so this could be a Belgian or Dutch outfit.

15. catwalk - don costa

A composition of Don Costa (yes, father of Nikka), who will always be linked to Frank Sinatra and also Paul Anka, because he discovered him. A 1959 release on United Artists in the US, on London in the UK and on La Voix De Son Maitre in France.

              Master's Voice
8. blackout - the fabulous chancellors

What a killer tune this is! From 1963 on the rare Chandel label. A heavy saxophone leads you all the way through the blackout. I still don't understand why this hasn't been comped yet. Half a year later it was reissued by Dot Records.

16. dimples - the del-rays

John Lee Hooker's "Dimples" rarely sounded better than by these Florence, Alabama youngsters. R And H Records issued this R&B stomper in 1965. Flipside is another great cover, "Fortune teller" (see vol 262)

              and H