"Shake that itch" - 16 soul jazz r&b twist stompers with an itch


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE259
"Sweet little girls and pretty eyed babies twist the locomotion with Al Capone and Annie Fanny..."

1. hawk - bill haley & his comets

Ooh! What a cool jazz rock platter from 1960 to start this volume. Shake that itch, baby, and listen to the hawk. And the flipside is even better (see vol 258). See also vol 235.

9. locomotion twist - oliver & the twisters

Mix The Locomotion with a speedy The Twist and add some extra energy and you get a crazy dance tune. Both sides of this single also appear on their 1961 album "Look who's twistin' everybody!" A 1961 Colpix release.

2. shoo fly - barbara english

An underestimated Northern soul stomper from 1965 by this New York girl who once was a member of soul r&b girl band The Clickettes. She later re-emerged in the late 70s disco scene.

10. sweet little girl - lynn taylor & the peachettes

A terrific midtempo rhythm & blues song originally released on New York label Clock Records in 1964. And also issued by Hawk Records. My copy is a Belgian release on Cardinal. See volume 258 for the fabulous flipside.

3. al capone - prince of wales stars

The singer is Michael Pasternak. Who? He was better known as Emperor Rosko, radio personality and influenced by Wolfman Jack. This is of course the famous Prince Buster song. This version was recorded in 1967 and issued by French label Disc'AZ.

11. miss you so - tiny topsy

A saucy soulful rhythm & blues screecher by Tiny Topsy who also gave us "Aw! Shucks baby!" on volume 258. She wasn't tiny at all. The big black r&b lady had a killer voice and it's such a pity she didn't record a thousand albums.  A 1957 Federal release.

4. angel baby - the swallows

A terrific vocal outfit that was active during the 1950s. Their first release came out in 1951. This r&b platter was one of their later releases, from 1958.

12. mother goose twist - oliver & the twisters

A fairy tale twister by Oliver and his mates as flipside of "Locomotion twist", also on this volume.

5. pretty eyed baby - baby dee

An excellent r&b honkin' flipside of her best tune "Sittin' here wond'rin'" (see volume 258). Dolores started recording in the mid-50s.

13. the itch - carl cherry

What a fabulous rockabilly tune it is. Bop those bones and shake those legs when you get the itch! Originally released in 1959 on Tene Records. My copy is a '70s reissue.

6. you stop telling lies about me - beau hannon

Subtitled "I'll stop telling the truth about you". A personal fave uptempo soul stomper from 1966 and I often spin this at soul parties. Originally a Barry release, but it was also granted a Belgian release through Frankie Records and in Germany it was issued by Columbia.

14. ooh - la lupe

A soulful Latin boogaloo song by a lady who gave us one of the best versions of Fever. La Lupe is short for Lupe Raymond, born in Cuba. She often performed and recorded with Tito Puente and Mongo Santamaria. See volumes 189 and 216 for more La Lupe songs. A 1963 Mercury release.

7. tell the world - lee garrett

Another Belgian release here and I believe it was his first. Stevie Wonder and Lee, both black and blind singers, were good friends until he disagreed with Stevie about the origins of Stevie's hit "I just called to say I love you". A fantastic soul side on Cardinal, issued in 1964. See  volume 89 for the flipside.

15. shadrack - les tarriers

From a very rare French 1956 EP. This song also appeared on their first album. Ex-The Weavers guitarist Erik Darling formed The Tunetellers which transformed into The Tarriers, with Bob Carey and actor Alan Arkin, famous for writing "The banana boat song". Shadrack has been recorded by many artists; including terrific renditions by Louis Armstrong in 1938. First recording was from 1931. Who was Shadrack? Together with Abednega and Meshach he disobeyed the King of Babylon according to the Biblical legend.

8. the rocket song - dany mitchel & the eagles

Extremely rare Belgian rockin' beat tune featuring a crazy organ break AND a guitar solo too.  I know absolutely nothing about this artist. A 1964 Cardinal release.

16. annie fanny - the kingsmen

A not so well known single by the band that made Louie Louie world famous. If you still don't know who they were, check out volumes 181 and 193. It's an excellent frat rock tune to close this volume. A 1965 Wand release.