"Safari drums" - 16 voodoo spells from a rock 'n' roll island


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE258
"Sinbad with the red eye calls Christiana luau sweetheart on his chick safari during a voodoo drum solo..."

1. i want to be happy cha cha - tony osborne

Giggles and ticklish laughter mixed with a cheerful cha cha sound is what makes this instrumental a happy tune. It's got "Marrakesh" (see vol 257) as flipside. A 1958 release on His Master's Voice.

9. the screw part II - the crystals

This will always be my favourite Crystals song. Part 1 already reappeared on a few compilations, so here is part 2. Phil Spector loved these girls so much that he released all their 1960-66 records on his Philles Records. This is from 1963. Check out volumes 150 and 1963 for more.

2. chick safari - bill haley & the comets

Great jungle exotica jiver by one of the first rock 'n' roll heroes. This is from 1960 and I think it's one of his coolest efforts. See also vol 259 for the flipside.

10. aw! shucks baby - tiny topsy

Simply brilliant rhythm 'n' blues platter from 1957 by a great yet underestimated lady called Otha Lee Hall. I think this was her debut single. Released on Federal, Regency and Odeon. See also volume 259.

3. red eye - the champs

Another brilliant instrumental rocker by the band that introduced us to "Tequila". A Challenge release from 1960. See also vols 227 and 248.

11. sittin' here wond'rin' - baby dee

Hard to find blazin' r&b blaster by Dolores Spriggs aka Baby Dee. She recorded it in 1962 for Amber Records and it was also issued in Belgium on Cardinal Records. See the next volume for the flipside. I'll see ya on the dance floor.

4. sinbad - bobby freeman

This is the Belgian release on Moonglow. The original release was on Josie and the English one on London American. Fantastic popcorn tune from 1959 by the singer who also gave us "Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes".

12. sweetheart - lynn taylor & the peachettes

Another killer r&b dance floor filler I found on Cardinal Records. By Linwood Taylor backed by The Peachettes. This single was released in 1964. Curious about the flipside? Check out volume 259.

5. luau cha cha cha - annette with the afterbeats

Annette Funicello was immensely popular in the early 60s. Here she's backed by The Afterbeats, combining Hawaiian sounds with Caribbean flavours. Both sides of this 1960 release were featured on her album "Hawaiiannette", also on Buena Vista Records.

13. kookie kookie - the allegrettes

Funny version of "Kookie, kookie" by this outfit that released at least 15 singles and EP's on the Pacific label. This one is from 1959.

6. vahine - the royal polynesians

This is the best track from the EP "Polynesia! Part 2", native songs and dancers of the south seas. It's a song for homesick Siamese roadworkers in Tahiti who first build the roads and then drive by these same roads to the harbour and then return home by boat. See also vol 1 for "Part 1" of Polynesia! and more info about Charles Mauu.

14. big limas - cobra kings

A rare release on Black Gold Records from Memphis Tennessee. It's a fabulous titty twistin' sax groovin' instrumental from 1965 or 1966.

7. hula hawaiiana - petula's dancing club

German sung hula pop song for all her Wahini fans in Berlin. Yes it is Petula Clark. So bad that it's good. From 1963.

15. tequila - eddie platt

Pretty standard rendition of Chuck Rio's world wide hit. I guess 50% of the US combos have recorded their own versions of "Tequila" in 1958. On the flipside there's "Popcorn". A Frolic Diner two-sider, hé hé. An ABC-Paramount release from '58.

8. voodoo drum solo - issa el saieh

Featuring Baillargau Raymond aka Ti Roro, one of Haiti's most prolific Voodoo percussionists, Issa El Saieh and his Voodoo Drums will take you to a Port-au-Prince back alley in 1957 or was it 1857… Fantastic Caribbean drums instrumental on this "Hi Fi Haitian Drums" EP.

16. christiana - issa el saieh

Probably recorded during a voodoo exorcism outside of Port-au-Prince in Haiti… It's the second song from this EP on this volume and perfect to close. A bonfire on a cloudy moonless night and this EP… scary or what?