"Marrakesh avenger" - 16 guitar trips throughout the northern hemisphere in 1956-67


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE257
"Crackerjack, the Caddilac avenger of Marrakesh on a quest for the Parisian heiress from Neptune on Sunset strip..."

1. cadillac blues - eddie cleanhead vinson

Lewd blues tune about Eddie's favourite car. He recorded it in 1967 and it also appeared on his album "Cherry Red". This bald blues singer was a terrific saxophonist as well. Recorded at the age of 50 for the Bluesway label.

9. 77 sunset strip - frank ortega band

It sounds like mix of a spy theme and a burlesque striptease tune, brought to you by pianist and band leader Frank Ortega who was active in the late 50s and 60s. He recorded some amazing tunes with the help of Sy Oliver and his orchestra.

2. neptune - les guitares

Instrumental French combo that recorded a handful of singles before recording many more as backing band for many artists such as Sheila, Sacha Distel, Ria Bartok, Akim and Sam Clayton. In 1962 they started as Les Blue Jets Guitares, but soon shortened their name. Here is the galactic flipside to "Cité sous la mer". See also volume 272.

10. chris-craft - les guitares

The Ventures, The Shadows, The Cousins,… all of them were big influences. I don't think this French outfit ever recorded a full album. Maybe a record label ought to put out an anthology. See also volumes 271 and 273 for their best release.

3. blues kick - j.d. & the impressions

Smoochy Las Vegas Grind blues jazz instro with a sax and an organ in the lead. Simply hard to believe this has remained undiscovered for so long. A 1963 release on Star Satelite Records.

11. marsh mello - j.d. & the impressions

And here is the amazing flipside to "Blues kick", another sleazy instro gem but way too fast for a burlesque show. I know only one other Star Satellite Records release, by The Thunderbolts.

4. talkin' to the blues - jim lowe

French issue of this cooljazz bluesy tune from 1957, as B-side of "Four walls". Jim Lowe's "Green door" was covered by The Cramps in 1981.

12. crackerjack - billy mure

It doesn't take more than five seconds to identify the guitarist. New York born Billy Mure's "Supersonic guitar" sound is so distinguished and highly recognizable. This is from an EP taken from the 1958 album "Fireworks". Ever heard his versions of "Misirlou" and "Malagueña"? Or his "Lover's guitar", the flipside of "Hindustan" (see volume 149)? Did you know he was a successful session guitarist? You can hear him on "Come on-a my house" (Rosemary Clooney), "Diana" (Paul Anka), "Patricia" (Perez Prado), and many more.

5. the avenger - pierre cavalli

A Swiss guitar player who started his career with the Hazy Osterwald Sextet and became a much asked studio musician (for Michel Legrand, Quincy Jones, Ingfried Hoffmann and many more). This rendition of a Duane Eddy instrumental appeared on a 1962 EP "Rock and twist guitars", a Bel-Air release.

13. white bucks and saddle shoes - bobby pedrick jr.

Young rock 'n' roll singer who recorded at least two singles for the Big Top label. This was his first on that label in 1958.

6. parisian heiress - the typhoons

A UK studio band featuring Mike Redway (see vol 223) and Ray Pilgrim (see vol 232) and many other guest singers. They recorded this instrumental in 1960 as flipside to their rendition of "Walk… don't run" by The Ventures. A Heliodor release. See also vol 274.

14. marrakesh - tony osborne

My first visit to Africa was Marrakesh in Morocco where I was overwhelmed by Jemnaa El-Fna, the big square in front of the medina. This 1958 instrumental has got nothing in common with my trip to Marrakesh. Still it's a fabulous tune by the guy who gave us "Turkish coffee" (see vol 50). More on vol 258.

7. ain't nobody here but us chickens - the jaye bros

Boppin' doowop stomper from 1962 and reissued many times, at least three times in Belgium, as flipside to "Rag mop". My Puck reissue is from 1968.

15. finger tips - red prysock

Hand-clappin' R&B stomper from 1956 by Arthur Prysock's brother, who left Greensboro, North Carolina to become a popular saxophonist in Chicago. Most of his 50s releases came out on Mercury. See also vols 105 and 171.

8. patokaan - the jokers

One of the hardest to find single by Antwerp rockers The Jokers, who were, like their Brussels friends The Cousins, mostly an instrumental outfit and very popular in Belgium. It is the B-side of "Manneke twist" (see volume 255).

16. secret love - ankie ritzys

Sometimes I hear this Doris Day original at popcorn parties (remember the movie Calamity Jane?). It came out in two different sleeves, both from 1967. Ankie Ritzy's real name is Angèle Schrevens. A Monopole release.