"Furore twist" - 16 global twisters and rockers from 1956-1964

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"Let's go twistin' from Las Vegas to the Congo with vagabonds, orang-outans and kitties to please the spacemen from the lost planet of Shadrack..."

1. congo rock - the jokers

Oh-oh Congo Rock tune from the Antwerp Zoo by masters of the instrumental rock in Belgium. This is a vocal song, though, recorded in 1962 for Philips.

9. manneke twist - the jokers

From the rare follow-up single of "Congo rock", also issued in 1962 on Philips. "Het manneke" or The Little Man was a very popular Flemish television show around Jef Cassiers from Antwerp, home town of The Jokers. Flipside of this twister is "Patokaan" (see volume 257).

2. le vagabond - burt blanca & ses guitares magiques

One of his rarest singles, released in 1961 on His Master's Voice, b/w "Percolator twist". Norbert "Burt" Blancke was born in Brussels 17 years earlier. His backing band in these early days were His Magic Guitars. "Le vagabond" is indeed a French translation of Dion's "The wanderer". See also volumes 173 and 233.

10. shamash - burt blanca & the king creoles

Sought after early single by then 17-years old Burt who already was the king of the Belgian rock 'n' roll guitar. Fantastic instrumental on Hebra from 1961. See more on volumes 77 and 170.

3. march of the spacemen - the thunder bolts

A Joek Meek composition by this instrumental combo I know nothing about. I've got a second 45 by these guys. This was recorded in 1963 for Dot and also released by London.

11. lost planet - the thunderbolts

This might have been recorded in outerspace on a lost planet called Joe Meek. Eerie galactic grooves on this B-side of "March of the spacemen". Originally released in 1963 on Dot; my copy is on London.

4. furore - adriano celentano

First came the single in 1960; a year later this EP both released on Jolly Hi-Fi and on Disques Pop. It is my favourite Celentano recording. Stereo Total covered it on their debut album in 1995.

12. orang-ou-tango - bill walters and ape friend dee felice

Crazy monkey novelty tune from 1958 on Fraternity by Bill Waters (or Walters) and "Ape friend Dee Felice". Dee Felice aka Emidio DeFelice, actually a drummer and band leader.

5. shadrack - louis armstrong

His first recording of this song was released in 1938 on a 78rpm Decca shellac 10" backed by the Lynn Murray Chorus. On this 1959 Brunswick release he's backed by The All Stars and The Sy Oliver Choir. Great smoochie coochie jazz stomper by one of the greatest artists ever.

13. dejohn sisters - straighten up & fly right

Hilarious novelty tune from Pennsylvania by sisters Dux and Julie recorded after visiting the local zoo with the school teacher. A 1958 Sunbeam release.

6. kitty's theme - sandy nelson

B-side of "Teen beat '65". Instrumental with a typical Sandy Nelson drum beat and solo; what else. No, it's better than just that. An Imperial release.

14. las vegas twist - buddy miller

Even better than his "Teen twist" yet very hard to find 7". I am not sure about the year of release. My guess it was from 1962.

7. un-square dance - johnny rivers

It is because I hate square dances so much that I simply had to select this hillbilly instrumental that he put on the flipside of his magnificent "The seventh son". A 1965 Imperial release.

15. sugar boy - jack hammer

Terrific B-side of "Can't you do it", released in 1963. Although he co-wrote "Great balls of fire", his fame and fortune began in Europe, in Belgium. As Earl Burroughs he was born in 1925 and it wasn't until 1956 that he recorded his first song. "Sugar boy" is not so well known. A Ronnex release. More about his story see volumes 1, 13 and 49.

8. blue jean bop - pat patton & his orchestra

Ben Curtis is the singer on this boppin' stroller from 1956 on the magnificent King label. Pat Patton was a very talented jazz banjo player who played in jazz bands like Turk Murphy's.

16. let's go arrows - will cheky & the arrows

Fantastic Belgian rocker and most likely his sole release. Recorded for the unknown United States International Records in the early 1960s.