"Yockomo party" - 16 Eurobeat and US garage goodies from 1964-1971


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"I've been searching for Linda Lou, the midnight walker. Where is she now? How does she look, asked Bony Moronie. And dawn breaks through the dark side of the Yockomo..."

1. linda lou - the astronauts

German single taken from their album "Orbit Kampus". Fantastic surf band that also recorded vocal tracks like this tremendous version of Ray Sharpe's "Linda Lou" from 1964. They hailed from Boulder, Colorado… a million miles from any sea. See also vol 121.

9. bony moronie - the astronauts

From a German release in 1964 and also featured on the album "Astronauts Orbit Kampus". This surf outfit hailed from Boulder, Colorado. This cover version is not an instrumental. Excellent beat stomper and popular in Europe.

2. searching - the entertainers

Fine rendition of this Leiber-Stoller song by this Dutch beat combo from 1965. Both songs on this 45 don't appear on their "Best of" sampler, which makes me smile. This is simply their best release.

10. down home girl - the entertainers

The flipside from this CNR release from 1965 and it's even better. I can think of only one better version of "Down home girl".

3. beat it - clark richard & the tropical stars

Midtempo beat song by this Belgian rocker who also sang in Flemish. In the 1960s he recorded for various record labels including four singles on Roover Records.

11. came from a party - green onions

Recorded in 1965 and featured on the soundtrack of the 1966 movie "Broder Gabrielsen". It was their first of two singles, issued by one of Norway's finest record labels, Manu. They started in 1964 and disbanded three years later. I still regard this as one of the best Scandinavian beat tunes although it reminds me of "Brand new Cadillac". Covered by fellow Norwegians The Cutbacks in 1990.
4. don't want your love - the great scots

Merseybeat from 1965 on Epic. I believe it was the debut single of this Canadian outfit. In 1997 an anthology was released by Sundazed.

12. give me lovin' - the great scots

Flipside to "Don't want your love". It's the better side by this Halifax band. Eastern Canadian beat band with only 4 or 5 singles issued in 1965-1966.

5. dawn breaks through - the barrier

Excellent psychedelic pop tune from 1968 on the tiny Earmark label. I have seen copies going around for 500 euro and more. This London based band has been around for only a few years.

13. dark side - the shadows of knight

Very important garage rock outfit from Chicago with many singles in 1966-1969 and also some terrific albums. This also appears on their first album "Back door men" on Dunwich with catalogue number 666 in 1966.

6. baby's rich - the gods

Short-lived UK psychedelic rock outfit that recorded from 1967 till 1969. This is my fave tune by this collectable band. Featuring people that later would join bands such as The Rolling Stones, Uriah Heep, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull,…

14. la-lallall-la - the layabouts

Only four singles are known to me by this Belgian beat outfit from Lebbeke, the town that gave us King Koen. Formed around three brothers and two friends. Supposedly named after a Mick Jagger quote. A 1967 Flora Records release. See also volume 26.

7. how does she look - the shakespeares

Rare popsike single by this semi-Belgian Rhodesian band with Welsh singer Gene Latter. They were immensely popular in Belgium in the late 60s. This 1967 single didn't sell like their previous hits such as "Shake it over", "The Shake Spear" and "Summertime".

15. yockomo - casey jones & the governors

Rhythm 'n beat tune from 1965 by this combo that surprised us with "Don't haha" and a terrific "Jack the ripper". Most of their releases came out on Golden 12, a German record label. See more on volumes 160 and 164.

8. where is she now - cats eyes

Another Belgian release of a UK outfit, hailing from the West Midlands. Founded from the ashes of Group 66. Popsike tune from 1969 on Deram. Later they turned into Toby Jug.

16. midnight walker - cobra

Hard rockin' blues rock from Holland including Winston Gawke who played with The Fox (remember their magnificent 1968 psychedelic mod classic "Mr. Carpenter", and also pre-Diesel guitarist Rob Vunderink. I think this 1971 release was their first output.