"Wild in the mind" - 16 mind-blowing garage beat gems


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE252
"A psychedelic Dr Jekyll can't dance with Mr Hyde when Jesse James wants to find out what's happening with the 8teen's face without a soul..."

1. 8teen - question mark & the mysterians

Great uptempo stompin' flipside to "I need somebody", perfect to spin straight after The Strangeloves "Night time". Singer Rudy Martinez recorded it with his Mysterians in 1966 for Cameo, their second single, a few months after their biggest hit "96 tears".

9. jesse james - bob seger

It's true that my fave Bob Seger songs are the ones he recorded as Bob Seger System. Heavy stompin' flipside to an obsolete version of "If I were a carpenter". Great organ break though. For me this was his last song that could interest me. More surprising tunes on volumes 51, 127, 156 and many more.

2. face without a soul - status quo

Psychedelic Paisley pop tune from London based band that started as The Spectres in 1962. B-side of "Down the dustpipe" from 1970, but also the opening track of their 1969 album "Spare parts". It's the last time they sounded as a 60s band. In 1970 they switched towards a heavy rockin' blues rock sound and that's when they should have picked a new band name.

10. find out what's happening - the spidells

Interesting soul beat scorcher from 1965 by this unknown band that released only a handful singles. This Monza flipside is their best effort, although many prefer their Coral northern soul song "Pushed out of the picture".

3. wild thing - fancy

Spiced up glam rock version with a spacey synth break of The Troggs' million seller. The sighing girl is an English singer who also appeared in the Australian cast of the musical Hair. First released in1973 as a single on Big Tree Records.

11. can't stand the pain - the pretty things

Unexpected r&b gem as flipside to better known "Midnight to six man", both featured on the 1965 album "Get the picture", their second album. See also volume 245.

4. dr. jekyll & mr. hyde - the who

Twice released as a B-side in 1968. On Track Records with "Magic bus" and on Polydor with "Call me lightning". As a horror movie lover I particularly like this Who song a lot, written by bassist John Entwistle, who also wrote another Who fave of mine: "Boris the spider".

12. promenade dans la foret du brabant - johnny hallyday

Undoubtedly my fave Hallyday EP: I love all four tracks. Actually this is an instrumental by his backing band The Blackburds. Released on the 1966 "Noir c'est noir" EP. See also vol 250.

5. we'll be together - the pretty things

Bluesy flipside from their second single, issued by Fontana in 1964. It can also be found on their eponymous 1965 debut album.

13. got to - question mark & the mysterians

Another Question Mark B-side. A-side is the terrific "Girl you captivate me". The groovy bass intro instantly grabbed my attention. The rest is that typical Mysterians sound you either love or hate. I absolutely love it! A 1967 Cameo Parkway release.

6. psychedelic - johnny hallyday

His most psychedelic tune entitled… "Psychedelic", co-written by Hallyday himself. Many releases from the 60s mention "Réalisation Lee Hallyday". Lee was once his niece's boyfriend and gave Jean-Philippe Smet his new name: Johnny Hallyday. From his 1967 "San Francisco" EP on Philips.

14. i had a dream - paul revere & the raiders

By 1967 they had become a big name on the scene. This psychedelic pop tune features a high pitched swirling organ and close harmony vocals. It's not "Hungry" or "Just like me"; still it's a great tune.

7. nobody - freedom

Forget about their awful version of The Standells' "Dirty water" which they recorded for their previous single. Formed by ex-Procol Harum drummer  Bobby Harrison and Ray Roger. "Nobody" is an excellent heavy rockin' version of a Beegees song. A 1970 ABC Records release.

15. tracks of your mind - the sounds of lane

First released by Cobblestone Records in 1968 and later this one on Itzy. Why did I buy this single? Because it's Mickey Lee Lane's band. I love his "The zoo", "Hey Sah-lo-ney", "Shaggy dog", … Actually it reminds me of an modernized rendition of his "Hey Sah-lo-ney" which he recorded three years earlier. Mickey Lee Schreiber was his real name.

8. i can't dance with you - the small faces

Flip over "My mind's eye" and (re-)discover this Marriott/Lane penned beauty from 1966. One of London's best mod bands from the mid-60s.

16. save the world - sylver's trust

If you see the name Sylvain Van Holmen and you don't know the band, buy it! You won't be sorry, normally. This 45 can also be found as Silver Trust. A 1972 Pipe release. In Italy it was already released in 1971 with a different flipside "Twenty one years ago".