"Lucky sneak" - 16 paradise popcorn and sneaky soul twist tunes


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE251
"Sixteen tons of explosive soul twist by devil women and go go dancers for me...if i get lucky some day"

1. if i get lucky some day - duffy power

Many a popcorn party will feature this 1963 recording by Raymond Howard, the author, better known as Duffy Power. His singing career took off in 1959 at the age of 18. By the end of the 60s he was quite well known as a session guitarist and he can be heard on the soundtrack of  The Italian Job.

9. the mandingo (instr.) - pan earth

Exotic funky grooves on this instrumental side. Released in 1975 on Family Spirit Records.

2. sixteen tons - louis neefs

The second best version ever! But watch out: there are two different versions by Louis Neefs. This one on Moonglow is credited to Lou Neefs, a so-called live recording which is much better than the regular release. Louis Neefs was one of Belgium's most popular singers, who died in a car accident aged 43. When he recorded his popcorn version of this Tennessee Ernie Ford's best known recording in 1963, he was 27 years old. See volume 115 for another Louis Neefs song.

10. a go go dancer - the ventures

Savage, fast guitar instrumental from 1965. Take the best ingredients out of a Surfaris-Shadows mix and you can go a-go-go. Also on their album "A Go-Go"

3. you ain't nothin' but a nothin' - dee dee sharp

What a terrific flipside! A popcorn masterpiece on a 1963 Cameo Parkway release by Dione LaRue aka Dee Dee Sharp Gamble. Both sides, this and "Reet petite", are featured on a 1963 album called "Do the bird". See also volume 249.

11. paradise cove - the surfmen

I think these guys were the same Surfmen I found on the great compilation series "Surfer's mood" on Romulan Records. This slow surf instrumental drenched in reverb can best be played in a dark room after midnight. A 1962 Titan release. The flipside is "The ghost hop" (see vol 205).

4. killer joe - the rocky fellers

There are many versions of "Killer Joe". But none could amuse me more than this one by a Philippine family group, recorded in Manila in 1963. And the flipside is even better; check out volume 87.

12. down home style - brother jack mcduff

Excellent late 60s Hammond grooves on this soul-jazz instrumental on jazz label Blue Note. It's also the title song of his 1969 album.

5. the sneak - georgie young & the rockin' bocs

Another cool popcorn instrumental gem and it is easy to find on the B-side of "Nine more miles", a 1958 Cameo release

13. soul twist - king curtis & the noble knights

"King" Curtis Ousley and his band started in the early sixties. This popcorn instrumental still remains his best effort. I really enjoyed this Enjoy release from 1962. Check out volumes 46 and 188 as well.

6. i know you don't want me no more - barbara george

Undoubtedly her best recording. From 1961, this midtempo r&b song  by a  young blackLouisiana girl of 19 years was released on the All For One label, better known as A.F.O. My copy is on Smash.

14. so far away - hank jacobs

This is from a 1985 reissue EP, but it was first released in 1964 on Sue. An excellent Hammond organ instrumental, which was also the title song from his sole album.

7. the soul explosion pt1 - illinois jacquet

Jean-Baptiste Jacquet was a band leader and an excellent tenor saxophonist, who moved from Louisiana to New York. He has played with all the great jazz names in the 50s and 60s. This 1969 jazz instrumental shows his unique style. And if you want to hear more, just flip the single for part 2. A Prestige release.

15. move over tiger - vince taylor

A Dutch release of my fave Vince Taylor song, a fast rock 'n' roll tune recorded in 1961, issued by Palette Records. Brian Holden was his real name and he was David Bowie's inspiration for Ziggy Stardust. See also volume 185.

8. pop corn willie - king curtis & the kingpins

Self-penned instrumental funk groover from 1969 two years before he was murdered. One of the most prolific saxophone players from the R&B, soul and early funk scene. An Atco release.

16. devil woman - buddy knox & the rhythm orchids

I love "Hula love" (see volume 244) and also this flipside, issued by Roulette in 1957. A pretty standard rock 'n' roll song, recorded with The Rhythm Orchids in Texas.