"Madame Monokini" - 16 filles de yé-yé et garçons du rock des années 1960-70


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE250
"A secret agent in monokini, Miss Bony Moronie in a mini-skirt, a jolly green giant with his milkshake and other saucy temptations my mum never told me about..."

1. tentation - the cousins

What a great French version of "Temptation" by this Brussels quartet. They recorded it in 1961 for Palette. More than a dozen 45s are featured on various volumes (such as 21, 41, 132, 173, 204, ...)

9. l'agent secret - sheila

Fuzz and wah-wah guitar sounds in a Sheila recording? That's only possible when it's co-written by Monty. Issued by Disques Carrere in 1970. See also vol 246

2. delivre-moi - bob azzam

Rare Belgian release of this French version of "Unchain my heart", on this B-side of "Ali-Baba twist" (see vol 143). A 1960 release on Barclay.

10. garde-moi dans ta poche - sylvie vartan

One of the biggest Motown hits from the mid-60s was The Four Tops' "I can't help myself". Here is the French version by Sylvie Vartanian, who was actually born in Bulgaria. Even more on vol 253.

3. aussi dur que du bois - johnny hallyday

Eddie Floyd's "Knock on wood" sung in French, a year later in 1967 by French superstar Hallyday, who had a Belgian father but was born in France.

11. les greves d'aujourd'hui - les sinners

One of their best own compositions yet only a B-side (flipside is "Penny Lane"), a terrific psychedelic garage fuzz punker from 1967. Les Sinners were one of French Canada's best outfits.

4. donne-moi ton amour - sylvie vartan

Powerful French version of "Gimme some lovin'", the million seller by Spencer Davis Group. Mrs Johnny Hallyday recorded it in 1967 for RCA Victor. See also vol 246.

12. mini-jupe et monokini - claude righi

In the summer people went to the south of France to watch girls in mini skirt and monokini on the beaches of Saint-Tropez.  Excellent French pop tune from 1966. See also vol 246

5. maman ne m'a jamais dit - le petit prince

Four artists appear on the "Surf party EP", released in 1963. Le Petit Prince is an alias for Pascal Krug, a Swiss boy, who was 11 years old when he recorded this tune. See also vol 131 for another single.

13. les filles s'imaginent - conrad pringel

"Le snap" failed to be the next new dance craze in France, but this EP contains one non-snap tune (for another track see volume 228). I simply love the cheesy organ break. It's his only record I know. A 1963 Président release.

6. milk shake - les pirates

Leader of the band was Daniel Deshayes aka Dany Logan. Excellent and funny yé-yé swinger. "Milk shake" is also the opening track of their first album "Milk shake party". Released in 1963. For more info on Les Pirates check out volumes 117 and 131.

14. le joyeux geant vert - goliath & ses philistins

Terrific French translation from 1965 by a Canadian garage outfit. Another splendid single was their French version of "Jezebel", both released on Télédisc.

7. comme un garcon - chantal renaud

Canadian singer from Québec who had some minor hits. Most of her recordings were released by the Jupiter label, including this 1968 song that was the title track of her first album as well. Stereo Total recorded a fine version for their 1995  debut album "Oh ah".

15. miss boney maronie - les habits jaunes

First of four garage pop records from the mid-sixties, all on Laval. It also appeared on their 1965 eponymous album. It's an excellent French translation of the 1957 Larry Williams song. These Quebec boys thought it was originally by Ritchie Valens, who recorded it in 1959.

8. je suis seul - johnny hallyday

Ben E. King's "What is soul" translated by Georges Aber for Hallyday, who recorded it for this "Hey Joe" EP in 1967. See also vol 246.

16. rien ne va plus - paul styl

Completely unknown Belgian twister from 1962 on RCA. Again it was a cheap organ that convinced me that this is actually a great 7". It's the last song on this volume, so "Rien ne va plus".