"Hydepark swings" - 16 swinging hot instrumentals from 1956-66


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"There are swinging creepers in Hyde Park tonight doing the caravan bongo twist wiggling and wobbling with Pluto..."

1. absolument hydepark - the blackburds

They were the backing band of Johnny Hallyday and they recorded one of the finest 1966 instrumentals from France. It's from the "Noir c'est noir" EP, which also features another great instrumental "Promenade dans la Foret du Brabant". These two tracks are not available on the single release. Great Hammond driven jerk beat on Philips.

9. the swingin' creeper - the ventures

Fuzz guitar, stompin' bass, heavy Hammond grooves… need anything else? Don't think so… Fabulous instrumental by the maestros from Tacoma, Washington, the city that also gave us The Sonics. This is 1965. Also the flipside is a tremendous instro killer track: "Pedal pusher".

2. scottish grapes - the monks

These Monks are not the US military band from Germany, but a French (mostly) instrumental outfit. Disques Vogue released 4 EPs in 1966 and two singles from these EPs.

10. yeah - johnnie & jack

From a 1958 German EP featuring Perez Prado and Boots Brown. All I need is a twangy guitar, bongo rhythm and a sleazy "Yeah" to get into the right titty twister mood. Johnnie Wright and Jack Anglin were a duo, formed in 1938, mostly country and western. Originally it was the B-side of "I've seen this movie before", also from 1958 on RCA Victor.

3. one pine box - royal flairs

Excellent surf instrumental from 1966 as B-side of "Suicide", a killer teen garage punk tune, which I first heard on "Back from the grave volume three" in the '80s. Released on Marina Records that also gave us "Why" by Dirty Wurds.

11. scatter shield - the surfaris

Fender reverb all over this surf instrumental by the "Wipe out" boys. "I wanna take a trip to the islands" is the luring flipside. Both sides appear on their fine album "Hit city '64". A Decca release from 1964. See also vol 247.

4. caravan - george jenkins

Another haunting version of Ellington's "Caravan" with a terrific percussive solo during the break, featuring Plas Johnson on tenor sax. Plas Johnson was the sax player you hear on "The Pink Panther theme". Recorded in 1956 for Tampa and also issued in Belgium by Ronnex.

12. bongo blues - the shadows

The other side features Cliff Richard and his rendition of "Ready Teddy". "Bongo blues" is a typical rock 'n' roll instrumental from England, written by Norrie Paramor.

5. wiggle wobble - les cooper & his soul rockers

Easy strollin' instrumental by these guys who put more and more soul into their later recordings. See vol 163 for the better side of this 1963 release on Everlast.

13. walkin' with pluto - the ventures

I can't imagine what it would be like to walk on Pluto. But if I could listen to music like this, I'll be the first to volunteer for a one-way space trip to the other side of the galaxy. Also featured on their 1964 album "The Fabulous Ventures".

6. happiness - lionel hampton

B-side of "There it is", also on his "There it is" album. Bandleader Hampton plays the vibraphone on this laid back funky instrumental. He was already 65 years old when he recorded this for the Brunswick label.

14. butterball - gene & the esquries

From their magnificent "Space race" EP from 1965 (see also volume 247). Only one single and one EP and then the band vanished.

7. triple twist - sonny scott

My copy is a test pressing from a 1962 Odéon EP called "Twistologie" featuring "Twist parade", "Twist and stop", "Peppermint twist" and this superb "Triple twist". It contains a terrific twangy guitar and swirling organ. It's a follow-up to his other twist EP "Judo twist" which appeared on the compilation "Poco loco in the coco 3".

15. twenty-thousand leagues - the champs

B-side of "Too much tequila", this sax-driven guitar instrumental is one of the million killer instros from 1959. See also vol 247.

8. tanganyka twist - james award orchestra

Another twist instrumental from 1962. It's available only on this "Le lion est mort" EP featuring Eddy Louiss and Laura Mellec. James Award and his orchestra did a lot of recordings for Les Scarlet and Pat Field.

16. the switch - joe brown

British guitarplayer and singer who started his recording career in the late 50s at the age of 18. This twangy guitar instrumental B-side was recorded in 1961 as flipside to "Shine". A Pye Records release. My copy is on Vogue.