"Cave walk" - 16 instrumental treasures dug out in a 60s cave


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE247
"Little bunny spies experimenting terror in Waikiki and Las Vegas in a fuzzy space race to Caldonia with an all turned on 2000 pound bumble bees..."

1. the 2000 pound bee pt2 - the ventures

On the A-side there's "The 2000 pound bee part 1" which is a completely different song. An uptempo smashin' distortion guitar instrumental with a wild drum break. A 1962 Dolton release.

9. the cave-beat girl-kids stuff - john barry

Best movie from 1960? "Beat girl"! Featuring lovely Gillian Hills (who also recorded several French sung singles in the mid-60s), Adam Faith, Oliver Reed and Christopher Lee. This "medley" only appears on this rare 1960 single. Check out volumes 121 and 140.

2. little b - the shadows

This band needs no introduction. Enjoy this five minutes long instrumental with a long drum solo, written by their drummer Brian Bennett. A 1963 EP on Columbia, released in France.

10. experiment in terror - the champs

Movie tune written by Henri Mancini and recorded by the Tequila guys in 1962 as flipside to "La cucaracha". Excellent rockin' instrumental jerk on Challenge. See also vols 227 and 277.

3. all turned on - bob wilson & the san remo quartet

A pianist joined by the San Remo Quartet aka San Remo (Golden) Strings in 1965 resulting in a splendid instrumental with distorted guitar, wild sax and a pounding piano. A Ric-Tic Records release.

11. i spy - the roland shaw orchestra

Theme from "I spy" (in the Lowlands known as "Dubbelspion"), a famous TV series. This Dutch release on Decca is from 1968, but it came out first in 1966 on London. Great space-age instrumental.

4. bunny bunny - the bunnys

Takeshi Terauchi formed The Bunnys after disbanding the Bluejeans in 1966 and recorded a handful of albums in '66-'70; also more than 20 singles were released. Japanese beat mixed with garage rock and Ventures-like guitars was their trademark although he used orchestral sounds as well.

12. las vegas scene - wes dakus

The flipside is the better side: "Sour biscuits", which can be found on the excellent compilation album "Mello jello for mello muffins". Don't get me wrong: "Las Vegas scene" is a splendid instrumental as well, recorded by this Canadian guitar player backed by his Rebels. A 1964 Swan release.

5. waikiki run - the surfaris

One of the many rip-offs of their own "Wipe out" mixed with other classic surf riffs. However, I definitely hear a Link Wray influence here. They recorded this in 1963. A Brunswick release. Check out vols 118 and 248 for more Surfaris. See also vols 103 and 253.

13. bumble boogie - jack fina

Jack Fina recorded it first in 1946 on a 78rpm. In 1955 it was issued as a 45rpm as well. It's a ultra-fast boogie-woogie version of Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the bumble bee" on a piano.

6. butter beans - elliott shavers

Utterly cool instro platter from 1963 featuring a hot wailing sax. It's the B-side of "Rock my soul" (see vol 243). A Zan-Dan release.

14. space race - gene & the esquires

I have the German single release and this French EP, both from 1965 on Vogue. Both have got a great pic sleeve, the US original doesn't. It's one of the best haunting space guitar instrumentals I know. See volume 248 for another track from the EP.

7. caldonia - the rondels

Uptempo sax scorcher from 1961 with a Sandy Nelson marching beat by this Boston outfit. The 45 was also issued in Belgium on Ronnex. It was not as succcessful as their first single "Back beat no. 1". See volume 114.

15. the flea pt2 - the fleas

A 1967 R&B instrumental side on Back Beat Records. For the vocal version see vol 249.

8. roadrunner walk - the roadrunners

This is my only single on the obscure Michigan Nickel Company label. This excellent guitar instrumental was issued in 1968 as flipside to "Tell her you love her". This outfit had one more single on that label: "Roadrunner baby".

16. fuzzy and wild - the ventures

Definitely one of the finest fuzz guitar instrumentals. Killer track!!! Also on their 1966 album "Wild things!"