"Beatamorphoses" - 16 exceptional French beat recordings from 1963-1971


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"I'll fear the day that exceptional transformations have become obsolete; only two steps and then BOOM... no more beat buzzing around my head..."

1. my name is edouard - edouard

Pseudonym for Jean-Michel Rivat who has written hundreds of songs for many (mainly French) artists. But he could sing as well. This hilarious tune was recorded in 1966 for CBS.
9. smokey dog - les luths

At the end of their career Les Lutins (of "Je cherche" fame) changed their name to Les Luths for one single, that failed to hit the charts. These French Canadians had one more single "Ma petite sorcière" on Disco Bel-Air and then they disbanded. They recorded two full albums none of which feature this flipside to the better known "Joey". A 1969 Disco Bel-Air release.

2. metamorphoses exceptionnelles - antoine

Again a reinvention of his own hit "Les élucubrations d'Antoine"? Actually it is its flipside, recorded in 1966, his finest year. See also volumes 41 and 192 for more Antoine tracks.

10. qu'est-ce qui tourne en rond chez moi - edouard

Another self-penned tune by Rivat that reminds me of Donovan, in French. It's from the same EP that gave us "My name is Edouard", from 1966 on CBS.

3. les coups - johnny hallyday

Johnny Hallyday replied to an Antoine provocation with "Cheveux longs, idées courtes". This EP contains also three translations, including this versin of "Uptight". A 1966 Philips release.

11. du respect - johnny hallyday

From the same 1966 EP that gave us "Les coups" and "Si tout change". It's a French translation of the million selling soul hit "Respect".

4. machine - claude righi

Great French jerk from 1966 on the same EP that gave us the magnificent "Rendez-vous orbital". For yet another great track from this Riviera EP see vol 250.

12. les filles d'aujourd'hui - anik de luk

Fab groovy mod-soul dancer from 1971 on a Canadian record label. She was active until the late 70s when she was recording disco songs such as "He's dyn-o-mite".

5. bonjour, monsieur le directeur - sheila

Perhaps the most psychedelic pop Sheila ever sounded thanks to the sitar sounding fuzz guitar. Great yéyé pop from 1969. Flipside of the single release is "Fernando", no not the Abba song.  This is from the "Love, maestro, please" EP. Don't forget to check out volume 242 as well.

13. pour toi - cesar & ses romains

Dig that frenzied guitar solo during the break. It's a Wanda Jackson song translated by Gilles Brown (of Les Valentins) and put on this Quebec outfit's very first output on the Choc! Records label in 1965.

6. dis-lui ma guitare - olivier despax

From the 1966 "Olivier in London EP". His backing band was The Gamblers. Fantastic uptempo yéyé beat and just listen to the great guitar solo played by Despax himself. A Riviera release.

14. il faut se quitter - sheila

Another underrated Sheila song hidden on an EP. It also appeared on her 1965 album "Tous les deux". I particularly enjoy the "pa-pa-paaaamm" héhé.

7. c'est a deux pas - sylvie vartan

I have both the single and the "Cette lettre là" EP release, which also includes "Je le vois" and "Pour ne pas pleurer". A Diddley beat meets The Animals in this fast yéyé beat stomper with a frantic harmonica. A 1965 RCA Victor release.

15. boum - cliff richard & the shadows

Unbelievable but true, Cliff singing in French. It's an excellent version of Charles Trenet's 1938 trademark song. He sang it for the movie "La Route Enchantée". There are also English versions, but Sir Cliff had the decency to record the original version. And The Shadows sound amazing on this one.  A 1963 Columbia release.

8. j'ai peur du jour - dick rivers

Next to "Via Lucifer" the best Rivers track! He recorded it in 1965. A fast yéyé beat tune that will haunt you for hours and hours. It's so catchy.

16. il n'a rein retrouve - sylvie vartan

Excellent French popcorn ditty by 60s sweetheart Vartan. She recorded it in 1964 for RCA Victor, one year before she married Johnny Hallyday. See also volume 250.