"Hula honey bun" - 16 boppin' tracks for heartbreakers and hysterical hoodlums


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE244
"Should that Jim keep walking in his rockin' shoes through 12th Street to his honey-bun Daisy Mae or take his bright red convertible and go to Lorie Lee, his hula love..."

1. honey-bun - larry donn

One of the best rockabilly songs to come from Arkansas; just listen to that frantic piano playing and guitar picking. 18-year old Larry Donn Gillihan recorded it in 1959 for Vaden Records. See volume 201 for  the flipside.

9. forget me baby - lulu & the luvvers

Nobody knows Mary Lawrie, but everybody remembers that fifteen year old Lulu singing "Shout" in 1964. Listen to this vicious snarling young girl shouting "Forget me baby" on the flipside of that million seller. See also volume 203.

2. there's yes, yes in your eyes - big fat louis

From around 1958 I assume. I know of two more Hit Tune releases by Big Fat Louis and His Shuffles and that's all I know (check out volume 13 for his amazing "Zoom zoom"). Anyone out there with more info on this mysterious artist?

10. crazy with love - teresa brewer

B-side of minor hit "Mutual admiration blues". She recorded dozens of albums from 1950 on and many more singles. This one was issued in 1956 on Coral.

3. daisy mae - jody reynolds

B-side of his best song ever "Fire of love", which can be found on many compilation albums. This Colorado born rocker wrote the song himself. His best known song was "Endless sleep". Fantastic rockabilly ode to a Daisy Mae from 1958 for Demon Records.

11. lorie lee - mackey beers & the rockitts

And this is the splendid flipside to "That Jim", also on this volume.

4. red sails in the sunset - ray sharpe

His third and, in my opinion, his best single. From 1959 came this mid-tempo rocker, flipside of "Linda Lu". A much underrated black rockabilly and r&b singer from Texas.

12. rockin' shoes - the ames brothers

Rockin' pop tune from 1957 with some ace guitar picking and female backing vocals. It reminds me of "Rock-a-hula baby". See also vol 241.

5. that jim - mackey beers & the rockitts

Savage 1962 rocker with pounding drums and drunken jungle hollering, recorded after way too many beers.

13. bright red convertible - chuck miller

It is amazing how many songs were written about cars during the fifties. This is 1956 and all you can see on the highway down south are huge convertibles painted red. See also vol 122 for his "Vim vam vamoose" and vol 121.

6. la la - the cobras

Doo-wop from 1964 on Swan as if it were still 1960. Obviously they were Franky Valli fans.

14. 4 steps to love - safaris & the phantom's band

Excellent doo-wop tune by this vocal quartet from Los Angeles. For me they are important because of their previous name, The Enchanters, who gave us one of the very best 1959 exotica wavy gravy tunes: "Cafe Bohemian". Singer Richard Clasky wrote both tracks. A 1960 Eldo release.

7. look at you go - danny ross

Rockin' & rollin' & hollerin' rocker from 1957 on the tiny label Minor Records. Including a piano break.

15. hula love - buddy knox & the rhythm orchids

Follow-up single to his biggest hit "Party doll", also from 1957. I prefer this ode to a Hawaiian girl. There's also a great Belgian cover version, sung in Flemish. See also volume 251.

8. keep walking - vern godown

Mid-60s release on the small Chestnut label. On most of his early recordings he was backed by The Country Versatiles from Philadelphia.

16. 12th street rag - ernie fields

A jazz instrumental from 1961 that disappeared as B-side of "The Charleston", a single on Rendezvous Records. See vols 264  and 97 for more Ernie Fields.