"Les guitares jouent" - 16 French, Belgian and Canadian covers and originals from 1953-1970


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"Bang-bang it's yé-yé time when Jezebel and Venus are doing the hully gully with Joe and John B..."

1. venus - le 25ieme regiment

Les Kangourous from Québec in Canada changed their name to Le 25ième Régiment in 1967. They had some minor hits with French translations of songs like "Lucy in the sky with diamonds" as "Lucie sous le ciel de diamants". Singer George Thurston wrote the French lyrics for this French sung version of the  Shocking Blue millionseller in 1970. Later he was a Canadian disco king as Boule Noire.

9. jezebel - charles aznavour

Shahnour Aznavurjian aka Aznavour was the first to translate Wayne Shanklin's "Jezebel". And many French versions followed. He recorded his in 1953. This EP came out on Ducretet Thomson.

2. quand tu es la - sylvie vartan

"The game of love" with French lyrics by chouchou Vartan, recorded in 1965. "Quand tu es là" means "when you are there". See also volume 154.

10. mister john b - sylvie vartan

In 1966 Sylvie Vartanian, from Bulgarian origin, recorded her French version of "Sloop John B". Perhaps she dedicated it to her then new husband Johnny Hallyday. For more info check out volume 246.

3. bang-bang - sheila

The original version is by Sonny & Cher, a better version was sung by Nancy Sinatra, but none can match this French one by France's teen idol Sheila (born Anny Chancel) who was already 21 years old when she recorded it in 1966 for Philips. Check out volume 246 as well.

11. viens danser le hully-gully - sheila

1963 was the year of yé-yé, the twist and the hully gully in France. Sheila wants you to dance along.  This EP features a version of "All I have to do is dream" and "Killer Joe" as well. See also volume 250.

4. entre nous c'est fini - dick rivers

Former singer of Les Chats Sauvages Dick Rivers heard The Rolling Stones' version and recorded it immediately. The original version was recorded by the Valentinos aka the Womack Brothers, written by Shirley and Bobby Womack. These three versions appeared all in 1964. A Pathé release. For more info check out volumes 69 and 154.

12. tout se passe dans les yeux - dick rivers

Roy Head's "Treat her right" from 1965. That same year Dick Rivers recorded his own version on a Pathe Marconi EP.

5. les guitares jouent - johnny hallyday

Mix "Surfin' hootenanny" with "Miserlou" and give it a French title about playing guitars; that's all it took.  See also volume 237.

13. hey joe - johnny hallyday

Gilles Thibaut translated this US traditional for Hallyday who recorded it in 1967. One of his better EP's.

6. maintenant c'est trop tard - michelle torr

A translation of a Swinging Blue Jeans song from 1963: "It's too late now", their second release. It was featured on Michèle Torr's fourth single in 1964, issued by Mercury. Torr was born Tort in 1947.

14. sa grande passion - jackie seven

Who was Jackie Seven? I don't know. Jackie recorded a terrific French verion of an Elvis hit single "His latest flame". A 1961 Vogue release. See also volume 136.

7. bang bang - clair lepage

This Canadian recording is almost as good as Sheila's version, also on this volume. The 20-years old Québec singer recorded a full album entitled "Bang! Bang!" A 1966 Télédisc release.

15. baby - richard anthony

French version of The Rolling Stones' "Out of time", translated by Richard Anthony. On this 1966 EP are three other translations of hit singles: "Sunny", "Monday, Monday" and "All I see is you". See also vol 239.

8. si tu veux danser - donald lautrec

Another Québec singer, from Montréal. He started his career in the early 60s and had a television career as well. "Si tu veux dancer", of course, is a translation of Bobby Freeman's "Do you wanna dance". A 1965 Jupiter release.

16. tchin tchin - eric richard

Belgian release of this well known Richard Anthony song, who recorded it in 1963. Eric Richard was backed by the Jack Say Orchestra. A Pain Expo Brood release.