"Kon-tiki guitars" - 16 exotic instrumentals in a South Sea nightmare


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE240
"Ham and eggs in Acapulco in a blue sunny taboo Kon-Tiki bar; use the green door in the back for watermelons..."

1. kon-tiki - the islanders

Aloha my friends. The entire Polynesian craze of the 50s and 60s started with Thor Heyerdal's Kon-Tiki raft across the South Pacific. A bonfire, a mai-tai and some dancers in the moonlight is what I see, when I close my eyes. See vol 221 for more Islanders tunes.

9. watermelon cha - belco rhythm boys band

I have no idea when all those Belco releases have been recorded or released. It's an interesting instrumental cha-ha-cha version of Herbie Hancock's "Watermelon man". The second part of the song features Jack von der Heide telling you how to dance the cha cha cha.
2. fury -  the a-jacks

Great exotic surf tune from around 1964 on World Records. Anyone any information on this band? Please?

10. ham and eggs - the rooftop singers

"If I had eggs, I would make you ham and eggs if I only had ham" is an old saying in Belgium (in WWII). This progressive folk trio had a hit single in 1962 with "Walk right in", but this single "Tom cat" failed. "Ham and eggs" is the terrific flipside, recorded for Vanguard in 1963 and also issued by Tanz in Europe.

3. green door #2 - belco rhythm boys band

Slow instrumental version of Jim Lowe's classic "Green door", a song I learned from The Cramps' second album "Psychedelic jungle". An electric piano, marimbas and a good vibe is all I need to enjoy another terrific version about what's happening behind that green door.

11. apache '65 - the arrows

It's amazing how powerful The Shadows' "Apache" sounds like in the hands of Davie Allan and his Arrows. They recorded this instrumental in 1965 for Tower Records.

4. acapulco - the shannonaires

I can't stand square dances and round dances. This label, Blue Star, from Texas was specialized in these releases. This instrumental by The Shannonaires is an exception. I have no clue when it was recorded.

12. your cheatin' heart - glen holden's astro-notes

The A-side "Rocket to the moon" was recorded in 1961 but this single is from 1963. It's a superb version of Hank Williams' classic song from Hank's last recording session in 1952.

5. the sidewinder pt1+2 - lee morgan

Very typical Blue Note hard bop release from 133. Nine years later the famous jazz trumpeter was shot dead in New York, age 43. Part  1 is on the A-side of this 1963 release.

13. taboo - winifred atwell

Ain't this a terrific piano version of exotica classic "Taboo". She recorded it 1955 for Decca. See also vols 92 and 225.

6. wow!cha - the windsor orchestra

Cha cha cha instrumental from the '60s on the Windsor label that was famous for their square dance and round dance recordings. This Latin instro is something completely different. They recorded at least four 45s for that label.

14. avalanche - the avalanches

Also featured on their magnificent 1963 album "Ski surfin'". This surf instrumental outfit was a studio group featuring Hal Blaine and Billy Strange.

7. el cumbanchero - john warren's strictempo orchestra

Pretty standard latin instrumental of latin classic "El cumbanchero" played by extraordinary musicians who add some exotic sounds.

15. comin' in the back door - the baja barimba band

My copy on London Records reads "The Baja Barimba Band" instead of Marimba, on both sides. But don't get confused, it is the Julius Wechter band. This orchestral instrumental was first isued by Almo in 1963.

8. sunny cha - al russ orchestra

Smoochy cha cha version of Bobby Hebb's "Sunny" by instrumental combo Al Russ Orchestra. They recorded dozens of 45s for line dancers and so and most aren't interesting. This however is perfect for a sunny Sunday afternoon. A Grenn release.

16. blue guitar - the arrows

Did Davie Allan' guitar ever sound so twangy? I doubt it. It was The Arrows' first release, also featured on their 1965 album "Apache '65".