"Red beans & soul" - 16 colourful gems from Soul City


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE239
"Monsters, monkeys and soul men shake like a rolling stone with red beans that take you higher..."

1. like a rolling stone - the rotary connection

At the age of 19 Minnie Ripperton joined The Rotary Connection. In 1967 the first single was released, a soulful cover version of this Dylan song. Only twelve years later she died of cancer and with one worldwide hit in 1974: "Lovin' you".

9. soul man - the rotary connection

A-side of "Like a rolling stone" and no, it is not the Sam & Dave song. A psychedelic soul song from 1967 featuring Minnie Ripperton.

2. shake - the supremes

One of the best renditions of the Sam Cooke classic by Motown's biggest girl band The Supremes featuring Diana Ross. They recorded it in 1965. It also appeared on their '65 album "We remember Sam Cooke", recording a few months after Cooke's untimely death.

10. keep on searching - the marvels

Originally released on Columbia, this is the Belgian copy on Frankie Records. Written by singer Alex Dimples Hinds. Fantastic mod-soul song from 1968. See also volume 132.

3. nothing's gonna stop your love - the lollipops

Soul song from 1970 on Atco by the girl band The Lollipops. Who were they? No idea.

11. florene - lucky peterson

Dizzy dizzy dizzy by the swirling organ sounds on this funky soul stomper from 1972. It's the B-side of "Daddy come home for Christmas". What is most amazing, is that he was only 8 years old! Yes, Peterson was born in 1964 and recorded his first album at the age of 5, also for Today Records. It also appeared on the 1972 album "The father, the sun, the blues" which he recorded with his father James Peterson.

4. el monkey - saxie russell

Vernon Taplin recorded several singles in 1963-1968 using the moniker of Saxie Russell. He also wrote "I need your love", a 1966 recording by Tim. The exotic jerk beat song "El Monkey" was written by Andre Williams and recorded in 1963 for Ran-Dee.

12. dans tous les pays - richard anthony

"Dancin' in the street" was a big hit in 1964. One year later Richard Anthony recorded a French version "Dans tous les pays". Check out volumes 143 and 153 for some more Anthony entries.

5. a monster - nina simone

"A monster" is one of my favourite Nina Simone recordings and I like to play it at Halloween parties. She recorded it in 1965 for a Philips EP.  See also volumes 49, 203 and 249.

13. red beans and rice pt2 - brian auger & the trinity

Almost prog rock on this wild part of "Red beans and rice", also featured on his album "Definitely what!" from 1968. This comes from a rare German EP on Polydor. For more Auger check out vols 133, 179 and 208.

6. gira gira - rita pavone

What a smash Italian version of The Four Tops' "Reach out I'll be there". Local superstar Pavone recorded it in 1967. For more info about one of Italy's leading ladies from the 60s, check out volume 104.

14. messin' with the kid - baby huey & the baby sitters

The flipside of his best song "Monkey man". They recorded this hot hot hot r&b slice in 1965 for Satellite Records. Chicago born Baby Huey was an pseudonym for James Thomas Ramey.

7. baby you're mine - ronnie martin

Too much billy for garage and too much garage rock sounding for rockabilly this 1965 tormented disc is rare as hell. Released on the tiny Billy Fran label from Fort Worth, Texas. The flipside is a ballad called "Storm of love".

15. where are we going - bobby bloom

Excellent funky r&b from 1971. Three years later he was shot dead. He started his career in 1966 as Bobby Mann. See also volume 91.

8. i know you don't want me no more - pat carroll

Barbara George wrote and sang it in 1961; Beryl Marsden sang it two years later; many did, but I prefer this 1967 one by Pat Carroll. She lived in Australia and had a duet with Olivia Newton-John. A Brent release.

16. i want to take you higher - brian auger & the trinity

Funky Hammond organ sounds from 1970 on this Sly & The Family Stone song by keyboard whizz Auger and his backing band.