"Lollipop stockings" - 16 long forgotten 45s from '63 to '73


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE238
"Johnny loves Suzie in her stockings of the Asian queen rockin' from Mississippi to the Lowlands..."

1. i don't need you - the jumpers

A rare Belgian slow-beat tune from 1965. They called themselves "Belgian Beatgroup #1", really!  Were they? Hell no! But it is a great release on Week-End. See also volume 72.

9. baci, baci, baci - france gall

Yéyé pop tune by France's sweetest darling. She recorded it in 1969. A song about kisses…

2. johnny loves me - suzie

Born in the Netherlands, "Suzie" aka Maria Catharina Pereboom left the country for Sweden at the age of 14. Three years later, in 1963, she opened a Swedish Beatles gig. This was her first single, issued by Sonet. My copy came out on the Belgian label Show Records in 1964.

10. suzie q - joe butterfly

I have no information about this artist. I guess he was from Belgium. It sounds like 1970… a freaky fuzz guitar and a CCR rhythm sound. A Philips release.

3. asian queen - our patch of blue

Early 70s prog pop by a band I hardly know anything about. The label is Map City, from New York. Released in 1971.

11. you talk sunshine, i breathe fire - the amboy dukes

Psychedelic bluesrock from Detroit by not-yet-rock star Ted Nugent and his group. All their 60s albums and singles have been released on Mainstream Records, a not so mainstream label from New York City. This single came out in 1969.

4. shortnin' bread - the blisters

Such a fab doo-wop version of this classic tune. The Blisters recorded it in 1963 for Liberty.

12. little lady lollipop - our patch of blue

Flipside of "Asian queen". Bubblegum glam from 1971.

5. anyday, anywhere - the es shades

Splendid psychedelic garage rock written by Mark Lance, singer and bass player. Released on a Youngstown, Ohio label, United Audio in 1968.

13. beware of birds - the crucibles

B-side of "You know I do", a garage classic that already reappeared on the compilation "Shutdown '66". This slower flipside is too good to be forgotten. Enjoy those fab fuzz guitar licks. Recorded around 1966 for Madtown Records.

6. eight o'clock this morning - the haunted

Canadian garage outfit from Montreal. After winning a Battle Of The Bands contest they recorded their classic garage punk anthem "1-2-5". This is the flipside, from 1966 on Amy Records, but first released on Quality.

14. cookie rockin' in her stockings - the blisters

Lewd doo-wop by The Blisters who gave us a fantastic "Shortnin' bread" on the flipside.

7. free - the banshees

B-side of one of the best 1966 garage killers! Midtempo ballad from Chicago outfit, The Banshees, whose "Project blue" was the very first 60s garage punk song I ever heard. I was in the local record store and the owner played the compilation "Mindrocker vol 2". I Instantly bought the album and from that day on I still love that ultra-wyld '66 sound.

15. mississippi murder - the amboy dukes

Hard rockin' blues from Ted Nugent's psychedelic late 60s band. It's the B-side of their best known song "Journey to the center of the mind". A Mainstream release from 1968.

8. i need you - the zakary thaks

One of the Kinks' masterpieces in a scorching garage punk version from Corpus Christi, Texas, as flipside to oft-comped "Bad girl". A 1966 release on J-Beck, a record label named after The Yardbirds' singer, Jeff Beck. Other main band on this label were The Bad Seeds (remember their "Sick and tired" and "I'm a king bee"). In 1967 their dream came true when they supported The Yardbirds on their American tour.

16. pig bin an' gone - grumble

What a terrific wah-wah glam rock instrumental from 1973! It's the B-side of "Da doo ron ron", a bizarre cover version. Actually, Grumble is pre-10CC.