"Twist à Liverpool" - 16 twisters and shakers from the Côte d'Azur


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE237
"Nue au soleil à Saint-Tropez et si j'avais des millions, l'avion pour Liverpool et puis twist & shake..."

1. rocket bye-bye - big twist

Space-age pop twister in the typical French yé-yé style from 1961 on Polydor. The entire EP is highly recommended if you like the yé-yé-twist sound. See later at vol 270.

9. les criquets - jacques helian

Jacques Hélian and his orchestra seemed to have visited South America in the early 1960s and returned with this terrific Latin yéyé tune. This EP was released in 1961 by Disques Festival.

2. on a ses jours - johnny hallyday

B-side of a French translation of "I'm gonna sit right down and cry over you" and it is also a French version, this time a Beatles' cover: "She's a woman". Hallyday recorded it in 1965 for his album "No 7". Check out vol 232 for another cool translation.

10. twist a saint-tropez - jean chabrier

It's like everybody in 1962 made a version of "Twist à Saint-Tropez" in France, even for labels like Stella For Teenagers.  Oh, Stella is Belgium's best known beer. Another Chabrier entry can be found on volume 28.

3. nue au soleil - brigitte bardot

A slow bossa tune by BB from 1970. B-side is "C'est une bossa nova". Written by Jean Fredenucci from Les 5 Gentlemen.

11. l'avion pour liverpool - jean noel michelet

Let's take a plane to Liverpool with Jean-Pax Mefret, better known as Michelet, who recorded two singles in 1966 for  Decca. This upbeat fuzz garage rock tune is probably the wildest he ever recorded. Too bad that in the middle of the song the song turns into a power ballad, otherwise it could have been a big hit on the dance floors. See vol 58.

4. la faute au twist - johnny hallyday

Finally a self-penned tune by Hallyday, the only one on this 4-track EP. He recorded this uptempo ye-ye twister in 1962 for Philips.

12. commande baby - jackie mouliere

Henri Salvador was the producer for this 1963 EP on his own label Salvador. Moulière left France for Canada and changed his name to Archibald Sinclair. Nice yéyé beat tune by this 19-year old singer and actor. See volume 58 for more.

5. heureux tous les deux - frank alamo

B-side of "J'ai pleuré pour toi", a 1967 release on Riviera. It's a French translation of The Turtles' "Happy together", one of his best renditions. See also vols 203 and 170.

13. si j'avais des millions - dalida

Iolanda Cristina di Pietro Gigliotti is her full name, born in Egypt. For more about her, check out volumes 63 and 210. It's "If I were a rich man" sung in French by this Italian singer who was already 35 years old when she recorded this for Barclay in 1968.

6. personne au monde - eddie mitchell

Originally it's a Ray Charles song: "Talkin' 'bout you" from 1957, based on an old gospel. Translated in French by Claude Moine, aka Eddy Mitchell, in 1965. For more see vols 99 and 212.

14. les temps des poupees - annie philippe

This French pop song appeared on the "C'est la mode" EP, released in 1966 on Philips. She was one of the most beautiful French singers in the 60s. In 1967 it was also featured on the "C'est la mode" LP, her sole full album. For more info check out vol 23.

7. poupee de cire, poupee de son - claude france

A Belgian recording on a various artists EP featuring Clara Brent and Bernard Fontaine. I have no idea who Claude France was, but I do enjoy his version of this Serge Gainsbourg classic made instantly famous by France Gall on the 1965 Eurovision contest.

15. fais ca pour moi - frank alamo

Bob Crewe and Bob Gaudio (from Frankie Valli & the Four Seasons) wrote this tune while Pierre Delanoë translated it. Best known song on this EP is "Je me bats pour gagner", a French version of The Beatles' "A hard day's night". A 1964 EP on Barclay

8. stompin' at the savoy - henri salvador

Fine version of this Benny Goodman jazzy blues classic. Salvador recorded it in 1956 and re-recorded it several times. Drummer was the legendary jazz & rock 'n' roll pioneer Jean-Baptiste Reilles aka Mac Kac. This EP was issued by Philips.

16. hum hum hum - frank alamo

Curtis Mayfield wrote this song and Georges Aber translated it in 1964. Other translations on this EP are "Hey little girl", "I want to hold your hand" and "On Broadway".