"Caravan to the moon" - 16 tantalizing trips around the world from 1959 to '69


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"Uncle John took the last space train to the casbah where a bongo boy on a lonesome road was seduced under a sugar moon in the voodoo rhumba caravan..."

1. last space train - albert raisner

Famous French harmonica player Albert Raisner was born Albert Rufenach. He wrote this instrumental, made famous by The Spotnicks from Sweden. He also performed with Trio Raisner. A Président EP release from 1963.

9. four beats to the casbah - john keating & the z-men

Unknown oriental gem by John Keating from Scotland and one of his finest efforts! He recorded dozens of albums in the 60s and 70s, including some excellent space-age pop psychedelia albums. This Piccadilly release came out in 1962. See also vol 221.

2. money can't buy me love - chris barber

From the harmonica to the trombone is a small step. Accompanied by The Eagle Brass Band he recorded four Beatles tracks in 1966 in his own dixieland jazz tradition for Disques Vogue. See also volume 121.

10. lonesome road - the wonder who?

If you wonder who The Wonder Who were, just listen to the vocals … it's Frankie Valli and his Four Seasons. It's a surprising tune you would never expect from The Four Seasons, just like their first single (see volumes 171 and 173). A 1967 Philips release.

3. fenlights - the fens

The Fens were Ricky Morvan's backing band. This instrumental is one of my fave tunes by this Belgian band. Released on the obscure Luna label. See volumes 13, 67 and 260 for more Morvan info.

11. uncle john - wild child gipson

Wild Child Gipson with Freddie Tieken & The Rockers. Thieken later played with Craig Moore and Gerry Gabel (both of Gonn's fame) in Ilmo Smokehouse. Byron "Wild child" Gipson had a couple of releases in the late 50s and early 60s. This fast rocker on Laurie came out in 1961.

4. if you're square - the rhythm-addicts

The Rhythm-Addicts with singer Carl Frey recorded only one single for Cee-Gee Records, in 1960. Terrific savage rockabilly on this tiny label.

12. sabotage - b.goode & band

Another 1961 rockabilly monster featuring a manic sax and a frenzy guitar. As far as I know, this was their sole release. On the obscure Gem Records.

5. caravan - bobby christian

I'll always remember this percussionist as the man who gave me "The spider and the fly" (see vol 16), the most demented horror single ever in 1963. Here he is with a magnificent exotic instrumental, written by Duke Ellington. A Stepheny Records release from 1959.

13. harem - max greger

German saxophone player and band leader who appeared on more than a hundred albums from the early 60s till the 90s. This must be one of his most interesting recordings, a Middle Eastern flavoured instrumental from 1964 on Polydor.

6. bongo-boy - winny dobber

Never expected such a fab calypso tune from the Lowlands, sung in Dutch. This is a great tune from 1960 released on Moonglow.

14. boola - bobby christian

Bobby Christian, "The man with a sound", shows his percussive skills on this instrumental flipside of "Caravan".

7. sugar moon - the waikiki's

Perhaps my personal fave Waikikis song, hula wahini warrior surf instrumental from Belgium (see vol 224), released in 1962 by Palette.

15. noche de ronda - i dandies

A rare cha cha cha tune on the Victory label. I'm pretty sure it first was released on the Italian label of Celson. These Dandies also recorded in Spanish as Los Dandies Y Sus Ritmos Tipicos.

8. voo-doo rhumba - joe leahy

It sounds like the Marino Marini backing band with a flute in Tahiti a decade too late. A 1969 Hi Hat Dance Records release.

16. meteor special - albert raisner

Just imagine a harmonica in space… get the picture? That's "Meteor special", a catchy instrumental by harmonica master Raisner, who composed "Last space train". Both on the same EP from 1963.