"Igor's cumbanchero" - 16 hot exotic rock 'n' roll tunes from 1956-1960


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE235
"Witchcraft turned shish kebab calypso into gumbo rock 'n' roll and Igor's rockabilly into cha cha hula..."

1. el cumbanchero - leny eversong

Every version of "El cumbanchero" is good; period. Leny's raw vocals match perfectly this crude rhumba classic tune. A 1957 release on Coral.

9. me rock a hula - bill haley & his comets

Hawaiian hula rock 'n' roll from 1958 by the King of The Comets. It's the B-side of "Come rock with me". You gotta play this between his "Caldonia" and "Shadrack". Don't forget to check out vols 168 and 258.
2. gumbo lay - frank holder

Excellent calypso popcorn from 1957. It's also featured on his 1958 album "Frank Holder sings Calypso cavalcade". A Decca release.

10. tick-tick - frank holder

Cha-cha calypso in a Harry Belafonte way. It's from the same EP as "Gumbo lay". Exotic coolness in those rockabilly days…

3. shish kebab - bob azzam

Lebanese parents but born in Egypt he moved to Italy and also lived in France for a while. This instrumental version of exotica classic "Shish kebab" is a million times better than his best known "Mustapha". From a 1960 EP on Disques Festival. See also vols 212 and 143.

11. it's witchcraft - the blue echoes

Eerie rockabilly from 1959 and I love it! It's the flipside to "Debbie", a Bon Musique release. I'm not sure whether the Blue Echoes on volume 122 are the same outfit.

4. billy's cha-cha - the wild-cats

What an amazing instrumental popcorn stomper this is, including a cheesy organ and a twanging guitar under a cha cha beat. It's the flipside to the magnificent "Gazachstahagen", a 1958 United Artists release.

12. gazachstahagen - the wild-cats

One of the finest guitar instrumental tunes from 1958 released on United Artists. The song was written by Billy Mure. Check out volumes 114 and 149 too.

5. rock 'n' roll tango - the clovers

The Clovers went to Argentina in 1959 and returned with this rock 'n' roll ode to the tango. Check out vol 148 for more Clovers.

13. everybody's tryin' - jerry ross

Everybody's trying to kiss my baby is what Jerry is singing about in this fast rockabilly gem from 1959 on Murco.

6. so shy - the flannels

Rockin' midtempo jiver written by Benny Ray (of "Elevator blues"). The Flannels were backed by Earl Hyde and his orchestra in 1956 on this Tampa release.

14. hey rube - the flannels

This is the only single I know by this vocal group. They recorded "Hey Rube" in 1956 for Tampa, an L.A. record label founded it 1955.

7. stop action - the ventures

From a French EP on Liberty this discotheque a-go-go Hammond-fights-guitar instrumental will move your feet instantly. Also on their 1966 album "Where the action is".

15. small little girl - jerry ross

At half the speed of the flipside "Small little girl" is a standard rock 'n' roll tune from the end of the 1950s.

8. shape up - ernie freeman

I bought this 45 for the other side: "Theme from Igor", but when I flipped it over, I was pleasantly surprised. Freeman was mainly a pianist, born in Ohio in 1922. He plays the piano on "Bumble boogie", a hit for B. Bumble & The Stingers. From 1958 on Imperial.

16. theme from igor - ernie freeman

John Zacherle used this instrumental for his own "Dinner with Drac", a minor hit on Cameo in 1958, a few months after this terrific Imperial release. See also volume 188.