"Mansion of cards" - 16 magic moments in psychedelic pop from 1966 to 1971


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"The sorceress with the witches' wand played cards for the wayfaring stranger; "you poor little heartbreaker, things will go better with your song for Cathreen..."

1. poor little heartbreaker - timebox

Was this really their final single? This B-side is one of their finest recordings, pure psychedelic pop from Lancashire, written by guitarist Ollie Halsall who overdosed at the age of 42 and by singer Mike Patto who died ten years after this 1969 release. Of course their best song was their fabulous version of "Beggin'". A Deram release.

9. everything - the quiet jungle

Canadian garage rock outfit from Toronto formed by Doug Rankine. They recorded two singles for Yorkville. The A-side "Ship of dreams" reappeared on several compilations. "Everything" has got everything I want to hear in a garage punk song: wild guitars, swirling organ, heavy bass, pounding drums and snotty vocals. From 1967.

2. i need love - rhinoceros

Featuring Danny Weis and Jerry Penrod from Iron Butterfly and Doug Hastings from Buffalo Springfield. Funky prog rock from 1968. The single was issued a year later. Formed in 1967 they split in 1970 already.

10. sorceress with blue eyes - raiders

The Raiders or Paul Revere & The Raiders without Mark Lindsay. It's one of their most psychedelic tunes. And also the end of the band that lasted a whole decade, from 1960. It's the amazing flipside to "Just seventeen", a 197 CBS release.

3. time time time - expedition to earth

Canadian psychedelic garage with loads of fuzz guitar from 1968. I think this was their sole release. A Franklin Records release.

11. tighter - paul revere & the raiders

Sunshine garage pop from 1968 with a long instrumental intro and psychedelic mid-part. It's the b-side of "Mo'reen". For more info about the band check out volumes 118, 194 and 245.

4. witches wand - luv machine

Debut single from this promising prog rock band that failed to break through. "Witches wand" is also featured on their eponymous 1971 album.  At least one more single would follow. A 1970 Philips release.

12. mansion of cards - trane

One of two 45s they recorded, both in 1971. I don't know much about this band. It was a BBC recording and release and perhaps one of their most psychedelic efforts ever.

5. it's your time - the weeds

Fred Cole (yes, the Dead Moon frontman) was famous because of his Lollipop Shoppe (of "You ust be a witch" fame). But this was his previous band, that only released two singles in 1966, this one on Teenbeat Club from Las Vegas.

13. wayfaring stranger - zen

After their big hit with "Hair" and "Aquarius" the Dutch sextet from Amsterdam recorded this popsike song in 1969. Rodys and Zen were very close and shared members.

6. things go better - golden earrings

Before they were known as Golden Earring they were The Golden Earrings, a beat combo from The Hague, and Barry Hay wasn't yet their singer; Frans Krassenburg was. In 1966 these Dutchmen recorded a single for Coca Cola. The flipside is a version of "Rum and coca cola". Bill Backer wrote "Things go better" and many other Coca Cola tunes. A 1966 release, that followed their first success with "That day", and soon followed by my fave "Sound of the screaming day". See also volume 81.

14. song for cathreen - mad curry

Belgian psychedelic rock outfit from Leuven. Their output was one sought after album and one single. The A-side "Antwerp" reappeared on many compilations. Underrated heavy psych jazz-rock B-side with groovy organ and wonderful vocals by lovely Viona Westra.

7. in good time - brian parrish

Born Brian Morris this Englishman was not a well known artist. "In good time" was recorded in 1969 for United Artists, a psychedelic pop tune.

15. hill's stomp - canned heat

We all  know "On the road again" and "Going up the country". Great songs, indeed. But please check out this uptempo blues instrumental rocker on the B-side of their 1971 single "Long way from L.A.", written by Joel Hill, their guitar player, who, a decade earlier formed The Strangers. These Strangers recorded "Caterpillar crawl", an instrumental that The Cramps used and transformed into one of their own songs. It was Canned Heat's bass player Larry Taylor who told The Cramps to record Jim Lowe's "Green door". Taylor is responsible for another legendary 1960 instrumental by The Gamblers, "LSD-25", the first song ever about this drug, while the A-side "Moon dawg" can be regarded as the first surf instrumental. So you see, don't underestimate Canned Heat. See also volume 61.

8. let me know - the love affair

Formed in London in 1966 they had a big hit with "Everlasting love" in 1967. "Let me know" is from 1968, a B-side. Fuzz-laden psych with soulful vocals and one of my favourites by this outfit and of course much underrated.

16. i walk on guilded splinters - cher

Sonny and Cher without Sonny… I'm not a Cher fan, although I must admit I like this one from 1969. No more comment… maybe check out volume 194.