"World wide wonders" - 16 world wide wonders from 1958 to 1974


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"My flying carpet is all I need to discover the world of African battles and blue horizons; it was love at first sight in the sauna..."

1. all i need - little jimmy & the sharks

I met Marc Claeys the first time when he performed as the one man band Don Croissant, wearing a zebra striped costume. Back then I didn't know he was  in the music scene since the mid-60s as Little Jimmy. This 1966 beat tune appeared on the flipside of "Love at first sight".

9. love at first sight - little jimmy & the sharks

A 1966 Cardinal release by Little Jimmy & The Sharks, who played support act for bands like The Who and The Kinks. This is the A-side of "All I need".

2. hymne au rock - burt blanca & the king creole's

A rare Burt Blanca single release from 1969 and it is exactly as the title reveals: a hymn for rock 'n' roll music. This Brussels born guitarist and singer tried to copy some French rockers, such as Johnny Hallyday and Dick Rivers. See also volumes 47 and170.

10. sauna bad - marino marini

A typical Marini instrumental, from 1958 on Durium. I have no idea why this is a Dutch song title, as he was from Italy. Is there anyone who knows the story behind this?

3. it's your thing - senor soul

A heavy Hammond funky instrumental version of The Isley Brothers' "It's your thing" recorded in 1969 for Whiz Records. Also the flipside is terrific.

11. some got it, some don't - senor sol

Funky flute instrumental groove from 1969 on Whiz Records. Their first singles appeared on Double Shot, but then they moved on to Whiz for 4 more singles. Senor Soul  eventually changed their name into War in 1971.

4. maint'nant - bob asklof

Maybe the best French translation of "Right now", sung by Asklof, on this EP that also features versions of "From Russia with love", "Night and day" and "Witchcraft".

12. rumore - raffaella carra

Born Pelloni in 1943 Raffaella was one of Italy's biggest stars. I've always loved this 1974 heavy stomper.

5. sur un tapis volant - petula clark

Oriental yé-yé twister by English singer Petula Clark who was bigger in France than in the UK. She married a Disques Vogue executive and that's why she had so many releases on that French label. I really like this 1961 recording.

13. keep up your smile - claudia cardinale

Born in Tunesia she was not only one of Italy's biggest actresses, but possibly the most beautiful one as well. She must have been thinking: if Brigitte Bardat can sing, so can I. And she was right. Both weren't great singers at all. But that doesn't matter either. A sensuous jazzy ballad from 1971.

6. le petit bricoleur - kiki

Joyful yeye tune by this young Brussels boy, written by his own father Jack Say aka Jacques Ysaÿe (see volumes 1 and 15). Kiki was born Christian Isaye. For more Kiki tunes check out volumes 4 and 41.

14. les gens - les flechettes

Claude François had Les Clodettes as backing vocals, but first he used the talents of Les Flechettes, named after record label Disques Fleche. They recorded earlier as OP4 and later also as Les Minettes and Cocktail Chic. French soul from 1969.

7. african battle - manu dibango

B-side of "Soul fiesta" and also on his 1973 album "Africadelic". Very popular saxophone player and band leader from Cameroon mixing blues, jazz, funk and afro sounds to an intriguing versatile cocktail. A year earlies he got his breakthrouh with "Soul mokassa".

15. blue horizon - the lords

A 1970 flipside by this German beat band. By 1970 they didn't sound beat at all, just like their mentors, the Beatles. A slow popsike tune issued by Columbia. See also volumes 68 and 95.

8. pickin' up sticks - kasnat & katz fighter squadron

One of the many names that Jerry Kasenetz and Jeff Katz used, best known as the Kasenetz-Katz Singing Circus. Great bubblegum garage from 1971 on their own label Super K. My copy came out on Disc'AZ. See also volume 118.

16. give it to me  - the mob

One of the many funky rock tunes issued in 1970. Don't ask me why, but this song always works on the dance floor. For their next single, check out volume 185. A Colossus release.