"Jim-jam thumpers" - 16 twisters and shouters from '55 to '68


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE232
"Let's twist and shout at cyclone speed and bounce your atoms on a jim-jam ride..."

1. jim jam - i-v-leaguers

Ohio rockabilly stomper from 1959 on the Nau-Voo label. Is this instrumental by the same band that recorded "Ring chimes" for Dot Records a year later?

9. twist and shout - ray pilgrim

Ray Reardon aka Pilgrim released dozens of singles and split-singles in 1962-1964 on Embassy, and some of them were picked up by Teeny Records, a Ronnex sublabl from Belgium. This is a decent version from 1964.

2. hold your lovin' - titus turner

At the early age of 17 he recorded his first single in 1950. Seven years later this single followed on King Records. My copy came out on Odeon. I will always adore him for writing "Leave my kitten alone". Terrific R&B from Atlanta, Georgia. See also volume 243.

10. cyclone - byron lee

Byron Lee was actually a bass player from Jamaica and was also a band leader. The song starts and ends with a fierce wind blast. This is one of the most amazing instrumentals ever from the Caribbean isles. Recorded in 1964 for Xedo Records.

3. thumbin' a ride - the coasters

Underestimated 1960 recording, released in 1961 by Atco Records. Although from Los Angeles they recorded it in New York City. More Coasters on volumes 40, 200 and 203.

11. hey good lookin' - bo diddley

It features his oh so catchy trademark Diddley-beat. The single release was from 1964 on Chess. Surprisingly the flipside is a 1960 song, "Let me in".

4. honey hush - henry lumpkin

He had some singles released in the 60s on Motown, Pageant and Buddah. As far as I know this was his final single, issued in 1968. Great uptempo soul smasher that was recorded first by  Big Joe Turner in 1953. It was so-called written by Turner's wife Lou Willie Brown. See volume 268 for another great Lumpkin recording.

12. pooky - jan davis

B-side of one of the most amazing jungle exotica instrumentals ever: "Watusi zombie". Not as savage, but a splendid guitar instro as well. A 1964 release on Holiday Records.

5. let me in - bo diddley

This is a 1964 release, but the song already appeared on his 1960 album "In the spotlight". It was coupled with "Hey, good lookin'" to promote forthcoming album with the same title. Diddley wrote the song himself using Ellas McDaniel. Check out vols 35, 40 and 159 as well.

13. soul serenade - the casinos

Hammond organ R&B instrumental from 1966 by this outfit's release on Sims Records. It's the backing band of singer Gene Hughes, who later became a big name in country music for MCA.

6. shadow my baby - johnny barnette

I have no idea why this was released as by Johnny bArnette. A year later he died, aged 30. In 1963 the world wasn't interested in this kind of rockabilly anymore. Five years too late. Vance Records released this single as well as Johnny Jumper's "Walking talking". Now let's think... who is Johnny Jumper?

14. whispering blues - johnny barnette

Unknown orchestra to me. I hear bongos, trumpets and a twangy guitar and I like it. A 1966 release on Decca.

7. thumper! - the bunnies

Unknown orchestra to me. I hear bongos, trumpets and a twangy guitar and I like it. A 1966 release on Decca.

15. atomic bounce - johnny latorre

Savage jiver from 1955 in the middle of the cold war times and released in Belgium on Ronnex Records. The sleeve is from a various artists EP on Club.

8. petite fille - johnny  hallyday

It starts with a blistering Hammond intro and then follows this French translation of "Julien waites", a song first  performed by State Of Micky & Tommy, written by Mick Jones and Tommy Brown, also in 1967.

16. hully folie gully - rey tony

Another Ronnex release, originally a Jack Hammer tune, translated into French by Michel Jourdan. Very similar to Harold Nicholas' version, also from 163.