"Betta move on" - 16 Eurobeat non-hits from 1965-75


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE230
"If you break a leg in my dream, you betta move on and drink Dutch milk instead of scotch on the rocks with Marie-Juana..."

1. scotch on the rocks - force ten

Early 70s synthesizer dance groover by a band unknown to me. Have they recorded more songs? I know only this single. A 1972 release on Decca.

9. you are my sunshine - the twilighters

It's the only release I know on this label. Soulful mid-60s garage beat with a cheap organ, as B-side for a terrific version of "Knock on wood" (see volume 231).

2. ca fait peur - douglas

Before his short solo career he was singer of Les Dollars. They released a few singles on Disques Festival in 1965-1966. This was his first solo release, from 1967. A couple of months later followed his best tune "Si je buvais moins", that already reappeared on several compilations.

10. more ning - ning

Coventry outfit that released only one single, I think. It's the flipside of "Machine", released on Decca in 1971 in seven different countries. This is the Belgian release.  This instrumental was written by organist Jim Edwards and bass player Mick Ross.

3. iekk!...i'm a freak - adje ef the poet

Psychedelic freakbeat from Holland by television personalilty Ad Visser (of "Top Pop" fame). First released on Action Records in 1967 and very hard to find. Luckily it was reissued in 2009 on Whaam.

11. hypertension - calender

Not yet disco this funky stomper with weird bloops and bleeps was issued by Pi Kappa Records in 1975. They hailed from New Jersey. Also featured on their sole album "It's a monster" from 1976.

4. marie-juana - the zipps

One of the finest Dutch freakbeat tunes was released in 1967 by The Zipps. The flipside is called "The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk". It was their fourth single, their third for Relax.

12. why don't you take it - the motions

Robbie van Leeuwen is best known for his "Venus" he wrote and played with Shocking Blue. This was his previous band, founded in The Hague in 1964. A 1966 beat tune on the Havoc label.

5. in my dreams - tages

Swedish band that release 20+ singles in 1965-1968, mostly on Swedish label Platina. I found it on a Dutch label from Amsterdam, Delta, released in 1966. See also vol 231.

13. break a leg - force ten

A psychedelic orchestral prog-mod instrumental from 1972 on Decca. The man behind this unknown outfit is Zack Laurence, aka Mr. Bloe (of "Groovin' with Mr. Bloe").

6. soultango - casey & the pressure group

Again a Dutch combo, formed by Cees "Casey" Schrama. Peter Koelewijn produced both sides (A-side is on volume 231). The band featured ex-Jayjays Kees Kranenburg. This jazzy instrumental was released in 1970 on Metronome. This Schrama songis also featured on their 1970 album "Lazybones".

14. hey komm in die club - the sharks

German beat tune from 1966 that could've been an early Manfred Mann song, but it is a German translation of a Dave Clarke Five song.

7. boy, you'd betta move on - ruth swann

Surprising fresh northern soul song from 1975 by Ruth Swann, née Diana Foster. Ken Lewis (from Carter-Lewis) wrote this song together with Barry Kingston who wrote other northern soul gems like "Stand in line" by Wigans Ovation. On volume 231 you'll find her terrific version of "Tainted love".

15. squafrecklemancomesback - adje ef the poet

Crazy freaked out psychedelia from 1967 by 20-year old Ad Visser as flipside to "Iekk!...I'm a freak".

8. bengawan solo - the young savages

Indo-rock from 1965 by a Rotterdam outfit on Dutch label Omega. Formed by four brothers Rademaker. They went to Brussels in 1965 and recorded several tracks. Three singles were released a while later that same year. 

16. dutch milk - the zipps

The full title is "The Struggle For Ice-Cold Milk Of Benzi The Bassplayer Or How To Promote Original Dutch Milk". Hilarious song title for a hilarious Dutch popsike song on the Relax label from 1967.