"Rockin' skirt" - 16 straight skirt swingers from 1953-66


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE229
"Straight skirts go to my head when all 4 on the floor in the middle of the road dancing the teen beat ska..."

1. vamos todos a bailar ska - toño quirazco

"Let's dance the ska" in Mexico in 1966 and the party's on. His full name was Antonio Quirazco Lopez. He had several releases in  the second half of the 1960s. See also volume 227 for more from Quirazco.

9. i saw linda yesterday - dickey lee

For sentimental reasons… Royden Dickey Lipscomb wrote this song under his alias Dickie Lee and had a big hit in 1962.   Also covered in French as "Parc'que j'ai revu François", an answer song by Ria Bartok in 1963.

2. bevy mae - bobby smith

Excellent rockabilly tune from the US (Michigan?) on the Fox Record Co. Bobby Smith cut this rocker in 1960.

10. she's gone from me - bobby smith

Terrific flipside to his "Bevy Mae". He wrote and cut this rocker in 1960.

3. dingle dangle - mort gilbert

Flipside of "Cha cha Long Beach" (see vol 227) on the unknown label of Morgil Records. Both sides are excellent latin exotica instrumentals from around 1960.

11. middle of the road - eddie fontaine

Edward Reardon was already 32 when he cut this slice of frantic rockabilly in 1959. His best effort was his  "Cool it baby".

4. there's love - cerf glendown

Everywhere there's love, even on the Mississippi cottonfields. A vocal pop song with a New Orleans brass band and a honky tonk piano accompanying Cerf Glendown on this 1962 release.

12. hey night owl - cerf glendown

1962 pop tune on the rare Pioneer Records by this completely unknown artist. I had never heard of this singer and this is the only release I know. Flipside of "There's love".

5. when in love (do as lovers do) - the gee-tones

Aka Gregory Howard & The Cadillacs. Howard was only 15 years old when he sang this uptempo doo-wop vocal song in 1963 for Gee Records.

13. teen beat - the hickories

We all know Duane Eddy's trademark song but this version by The Hickories is fine as wall. This famous instrumental was released on a splitsingle on Bell Records in 1959.

6. school of rock & roll - gene summers & his rebels

Classic Texan rock 'n' roll from 1958 with a serious nod to Jerry Lee Lewis.

14. straight skirt - gene summers

I love songs about tight skirts, mini skirts and straight skirts. Pretty standard rock 'n' roll from  1958 by 19 years old Summers.

7. rock and rock daddy-o - joe castle & the daddy-o's

Joseph Castaldo aka Joey Castle loved the way Elvis sang and tried in his teens to copy him, without success. He was 17 when he recorded this one for Headline Records with backing band The Daddy-O's. He stopped and started again in 1963 and tried again in the 70s. In 1978 he died at the age of 36.

15. you go to my head - earl bostic

Already a big name in the jazz scene in the early 50s. This Oklahoma born saxophonist and band leader was 40 years old when he recorded this instrumental in 1953. More Bostic on volumes 160, 202 and 205.

8. big boat - the tokens

You might know this band thanks to their 1961 top hit "The lion sleeps tonight". In 1962 this song was twice coupled with an A-side, first with "The riddle" and then with "B'wa nina". I love this exotica doo wop tune. An RCA release.

16. 4 on the floor - the rangers

Short 100 seconds instrumental rocker from 1960 as B-side of their great version of "Ghost riders in the sky" (see volume 231).