"Instant weirdness" - 16 instrumental cocktails from 1957-72


In The Trashcan Records       GARBAGE228
"From Trinidad to the Congo, from Kenya to Holland, even in New York and Barbados they know how to dance to exotic grooves..."

1. thunderball - the jets

These guys loved movie themes. The flipside features their version of "Mr. Kiss kiss bang bang", also written by John Barry. I believe The Jets were a Dutch outfit. I love their version of this James Bond movie tune from 1965. A Fontana release.

9. mr kiss kiss bang bang - the jets

I have reasons to believe that The Goldfingers and The Jets were the same group, from Utrecht in the Netherlands. A twanging guitar and a high-pitched organ turn this instrumental cover version to a higher level. A 1963 Fontana release.

2. instant groove - the belles combo of dominica

On my copy the band's name is The Belles Combo of Domenica, while on other releases it's Dominica or simply Belles Combo. Caribbean funk instro monster from 1973 on Trex Records, located on Barbados.

10. ooh! ah! - joe cuba sextet

Fast Latin funk boogaloo by Gilberto Miguel Calderón aka Joe Cuba and his sextet. This Puerto Rican invented the boogaloo sound in New York.  A 1972 Roulette recording.

3. take me, take me - hazel scott

This is not the same song as her "Take me in your arms". It's a great Trinidad calypso song from 1957. She was born in 1920 in Trinidad and Tobago and started her recording career in the 1940s.

11. carnaval - hazel scott

She is the writer of this B-side of "Take me, take me". Calypso from Port Of Spain in 1957 on Decca.

4. snapez a mes cotes - conrad pringel

I don't know whether he's backed by Les Guardians on this recording from 1963. Funny French fingersnappin'  r&b on Président. Another track from this EP can be found on volume 250.

12. hot spot - bob moore

B-side of "Mexico" this easy listening tune takes you away to a hot spot far away from the city center dreaming of a cool dive in a lake. It's a 1961 Monument recording. See also vol 213 for this next single.

5. way back home - the jazz crusaders

Texan jazz outfit that transformed to The Crusaders (remember Randy Crawford's "Street life"?) two years later. This soul-jazz instrumental came out on the Chisa label in 1969.

13. jackson! - the jazz crusaders

Trombonist Wayne Henderson wrote this soul-jazz instrumental in 1969. Two years later they shortened the band's name to The Crusaders and became world famous with "Street life", sung by Randy Crawford.

6. kenya ni taifa yetu - the kenya police band

African rock 'n' folk from the 1970s. On the Moto Moto label at least two singles were issued by this band of the Kenya police. More than 60 languages are spoken in that large East African country, but I assume this is Swahili. See vol 227 for the flipside.

14. whiffenpoof - the jelots

Rock 'n' roll instrumental with horns and violins but not too cheesy. Released on Le Cam Records, a Fort Worth based record label run by Major Bill Smith.

7. let's go - jimmy riddle

Pitch down -8 and you'll get the most wonderful sleazy popcorn instrumental ever featuring a harmonica. Riddle had one other release on Marina in 1966 ("Farmer's son"). This one is from 1962 on Todd, and also issued in Europe on London.

15. when my dreamboat comes home - jimmy riddle

Flipside of "Let's go", recorded in 1962.

8. kedi jessy wa madidina - le ry-co jazz

Extremely popular band from Congo, founded in the late 50s. They released more than thirty EP's in between 1961 and 1975, including 23 volumes of "Dansez avec Le Ry-Co Jazz". This 1969 release on Disques Vogue shows their love for Latin sounds, French calypso, zouk and West-African rhythms.

16. kilindini docks - perez prado

Another Popcorn fave, from 1958 by the mambo master himself. Check out volumes 112, 138 and 148 for more info.